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Happy Christmas Gifts for Your Beloved Ones, Colleagues and Clients

Happy Christmas Gifts for Your Beloved Ones, Colleagues and Clients

posted: 2022-12-05 22:50:00 +0800

The end of Thanksgiving brings the beginning of Christmas, it is time to prepare Christmas presents. If you find it hard to make the surprise this year, GGB is ready to help with our delicately established Christmas gift catalogue. 25th December is meant to commemorate the birth of Jesus, yet the tradition of gift exchange brings so much fun to both children and adults every year, making it far more than merely a religious holiday. There are several traditional activities that builds up sense of ceremony and encourages the holiday spirit. Let’s celebrate Christmas in the traditional way!

Traditional Activities to make Christmas more fun

Shopping Carnival Before Christmas

The Friday next to Thanksgiving is usually bound with Black Friday Sale when the shops offer the biggest discount of the year. People do grocery shopping and prepare for Christmas.

Home and Christmas Tree Decoration on Christmas Eve

Traditional American and European family picked an oregon pine by themselves in the wood farm on 24th December. The oregon pine, aka, Christmas tree will be decorated with light chains, toys and shiny pieces. Traditional star and colored ball decorations signifies the light direction for Jesus. They decorate the house with Christmas related elements, such as mini Santa Clause, Christmas stocking&cane, dolls of reindeer&snowman, Christmas wreath and pattern felts. Smaller Christmas decorations adapted for HK home are available at shopping malls. To your interest, some brands make Christmas limited products and brings more fun.

Mass on Christmas Eve

In tradition, Christians do the Mass at the midnight of Christmas Eve and read the Bible. We develop our very own tradition in HK, people give each other apples and wish for safety and happiness.

Best Gift From Santa Clause

Children hang a stocking with their gift wish list inside before they go to bed on Christmas Eve. The legend says Santa Clause travels ridding his reindeer cart with a huge bag of gifts and climbs in the house through the chimney. He’s got the right gift for well behaved children and will make their dreams come true. Anyway, we don’t install as many chimneys at home nowadays, which makes it harder to access the houses, but Santa Clause manages to delivery the gifts on time. 26th December is the boxing day in HK, while in the western countries children rush to unpack their gifts the first thing they get out of bed on Christmas.

Gift Exchange and Sending Give Cards

Jingle Bell, We Wish you a Merry Christmas,White Christmas and other Christmas song play in a loop on the streets, filling everywhere with joy and happiness. People exchange gifts with their beloved ones as well as gift cards of gratitude and bless. You may want to enjoy quality time with your family on Christmas and may not be able to deliver gifts to clients and employees by hand. GGB can help deliver gifts on Christmas and you could place orders ahead of time.

Christmas Feast

Popular restaurants must be fully booked in advance, if you did not make reservation in time, a warm meal at home makes a good substitute. Traditional food served on Christmas are turkey, grilled meat/ham /cheese assorted platter and pie for dessert.

Corporations Hand out Christmas Gifts to Employees

Corporations hands out Christmas gift to employees before Christmas every year. Christmas falls around the end of a year, so that Christmas gift works as an employee bonus, representing the gratitude for their hard work and best wishes for the upcoming year.

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GGB Christmas Gift Recommendations

Desserts and Toys Earn the Favor of Children

Children for sure have the most fun on Christmas, even though they don’t necessarily get everything they want from Santa, they still receive lots of gifts from older family members and other adults, even better they get the best gifts from Santa. The extra sweets that they can have during Christmas make them so excited.

Japanese Strawberry Christmas Hamper

Both children and moms will be happy with this hamper, it’s tasty yet it consists of less sweets. Colorful macaroon is crispy and easily chewable. The quality Japan imported strawberry is freshly red and abundant in nutrition. The sweet and sour natural juice provides a good taste. It’s recommended to add on a musical snowball with preserved rose and reindeer. This cute home decor brings Christmas vibe. Children will definitely take care of their special rose.

Christmas Preserved Flower Music Box

Gifts to Express Romance and Care

Ladies can not resist beautiful flowers and fragrant gifts. Let’s get her hand moisturizers as dry winter is on its way. The light-texture floral scented hand moisturizer L'occitane En Provence, popular Francfranc Colline home fragrance and fresh bouquet will show that you care about her so much.