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Hong Kong Give Gift Boutique Mid-Autumn Gift Baskets Marketing Trend Interviewed by TVB Finance Magazine

Hong Kong Give Gift Boutique Mid-Autumn Gift Baskets Marketing Trend Interviewed by TVB Finance Magazine

by Julie
posted: 2018-09-26 14:24:44 +0800


It is Give Gift Boutique’s pleasure to participate in the interview of TVB "Finance Magazine" for the Mid-Autumn gift baskets marketing trend- A big thank you for their invitation. Due to the super typhoon influenced by Japanese Jebi and Hong Kong Mangkhut during the pre-sale of the Mid-Autumn Festival gifts this year, the difficulty of the Mid-Autumn gift baskets delivery service and gifts purchase has increased. Fruits are affected by the weather and there is a shortage of supplies; some mooncake gifts launched by famous brands increased in price, so the overall price of the Mid-Autumn fruit basket / gift hamper generally increased by 10% to 15%.


Customers in general like to order the Mid-Autumn Festival gift baskets at the end of July or early August, but due to the Sino-US trade war, the stock market has fallen from a high level, and many customers hesitated to place the order at this time. Besides, most of the Hong Kong Mid-Autumn Festival gift shops have fewer gifting products in stock than last year, so when the MAF gift hamper sales increase nearer to the festival, there are not enough gifts to supply to the customers. Despite the unpredictable situations, Give Gift Boutique was not affected too much as we had made good preparation in advance, including supplier cooperation, delivery staffs employment and price adjustment. As the leading representative in the gift-giving industry in Hong Kong. GGB has stable suppliers (fruit suppliers, moon cakes suppliers) who have confidence in us and have been working with us for a long time. These suppliers chose to provide the same amount of high quality gifts to us even though the goods are in limited supply. For this reason, we have sufficient gift baskets supplied for the Mid-autumn Festival. Moreover, our delivery service is still on time during typhoon weather and the gift packaging remained nice which earned many customers’ appreciation on this special time of the year.


Our GGB team follows closely the latest trend of gift giving and gift designs, and we also pay careful attention to clients’ needs to create more customized gift hampers. We believe these are some of the reasons why GGB is favored and supported by so many customers.




Finance Magazine News:The Mid-autumn Festival gift hamper cost increase lead to 10% higher retail price


Finance Magazine 2018.09.23 - 中秋送禮/風災自保 Video Clip

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