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Parents, have you picked the right developmental toys for 0-6 months infant?

Parents, have you picked the right developmental toys for 0-6 months infant?

posted: 2019-10-25 16:30:00 +0800

To ensure the healthy growth of the babies has become the top priority of parents, thus many new parents start to pay more attention to the early childhood education. Developmental toys can improve your baby's ability in perception, body coordination and other skills, however, how can parents choose the best toy suitable for children’s ages among so many kinds of baby toys in the market? No worries. Give Gift Boutique will share some tips with you on the characteristic of 0-6 months infant development and the perfect newborn baby toys for them.

1. Baby toys that help vision development for infants from 0 to 2 months

Newborn babies from 0-2 months are still developing their sensory organs especially their vision; therefore, babies can only see people or large moving objects that are close to them, and they can only distinguish high-contrast color black and white. For these reasons, new parents can hang some black and white stuffed toys at the top of the cradle and let the babies lift their heads to look at it; furthermore, parents can also move the plush toys slowly from different directions so as to help the newborns concentrate and enhance vision development.

Baby toys

When the newborn babies are two months old, they are in a sensitive period of vision development, at this time, parents can use more colorful toys like the animal finger puppet to attract the infants as the intriguing appearances and bright colors can stimulate baby’s vision. Playing finger puppet with your children can not only speed up your baby’s vision development, but also spark curiosity in kids for early learning.

 animal finger puppet

2. Newborn baby toys that refine auditory development and tactile development for babies aged 3-4 months.

When babies are 3-4 months’ old, they start to wiggle and stretch their bodies by patting toys and kicking legs. During this period of time, the babies are sensitive to sounds; once they hear any sound, they get excited and turn their heads around to look for it. Toys like baby activity gym and chime rattle can help 3-4 months babies to develop their senses of hearing and touch. The baby activity gym with a whole bunch of toys to hang overhead is suitable for the babies to learn how to raise their legs and hands, how to kick and grasp the objects on the stand where they are lying. The soft sound from the chime rattle can strengthen the baby ability of hearing and wiggling.

 baby activity gym and chime rattle

3. Infant toys which can improve hand and foot coordination for 5-6 months baby

When babies turn 5 or 6 months, they have learnt how to roll around and their sense organs are almost well developed, so babies at this time will grab toys they see. Therefore, parents can buy the graspable toys to further develop the child's coordination; things like circle rattle can train babies develop their grasping skill. The ring handle design not only helps the baby to grasp, but also exercises their finger muscles. Guide the baby to reach out the activity string rattle, help them to practice their crawling ability and train the foot muscles.

graspable toys

Not all the newborn baby toys are suitable for the infants. We need to know how to choose the right toys according to the development process in different periods of your little ones so as to help them have a better growth. More newborn baby products, please visit our newborn baby gift hamper.

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