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About Boutonniere and Wrist Corsage All You Need to Know

About Boutonniere and Wrist Corsage All You Need to Know

by Julie
posted: 2019-04-09 11:30:00 +0800

Since its earliest written record, flowers have always been the “frequently used accessories” at important occasions like gatherings and wedding ceremonies. With various colors, charming fragrance and all sorts of symbolic meanings, flowers are born to be the natural perfect match for weddings. Although the bride's flower bouquet is no doubt the centerpiece in the whole wedding ceremony, a delicate and beautiful boutonniere or corsage can upgrade the wearer's overall style and make him or her stands out more. In a word, wearing the appropriate boutonniere or wrist corsage will help you stand out from the crowd.

What is Boutonniere?

Boutonniere is a typical floral decoration used in Western-style celebrations, it is often worn on the chest, collar or pocket of a suit. Generally speaking, simplicity style is applied in the making of boutonniere which means a combination of delicate and elegant authentic flower or preserved flower that is popular in recent years plus some matching flowers, ribbons or laces. Whether you are a man or woman, you may choose to wear either Boutonnière (French) or Buttonhole (American English) for men, and Corsage for women.


What is Wrist Corsage?

People wear floral accessories in a variety of ways. In addition to boutonniere, there is a type of wrist accessory which is more natural than the traditional bracelets - Wrist Corsage. A wrist corsage is not much different from Boutonniere in its way of production, but it has an additional procedure of fixing to the wrist. Usually, wrist corsage is mostly worn by women but rarely seen on men.

Wrist Corsage

When and where to Wear Boutonniere and Wrist Corsage?

In the old days of Western society, boutonniere and wrist corsage were usually reserved for formal occasions such as weddings, prom, parties, formal family gatherings and funerals. Nowadays, even in the Chinese society of Hong Kong, we can often see many brides, grooms, groomsmen or bridesmaids wearing boutonnieres and wrist corsages when attending Western-style weddings. People tend to use flowers to get a more beautiful looking and add a sense of ritual to these celebrations.

How to choose and wear boutonniere and wrist corsage correctly?

For Ladies

  • Whether you are a bride or bridesmaid, it is best not to wear both boutonniere and wrist corsage together as too much floral accessories might seem overwhelming.
  • Choosing a wrist corsage or corsage that matches the bride's bouquet or wedding dress like light pink, yellow, white, baby blue and other light colors is recommended!
  • The bride's wrist corsage should be placed on her left hand by the groom. And the corsage shall be pinned to the right chest.


For Men

  • It’s best for men to dress neatly when they are wearing boutonnieres, preferably a formal suit, which makes him look less casual.
  • Boutonnieres and pocket square is a perfect match! Pocket square showcases a sense of maturity while boutonniere reveals the romantic feeling; the combination of the two is a bold attempt to impress your host!
  • Don't forget to pin on a corsage or a wrist corsage for your beautiful bride.


Hong Kong men Boutonnieres


Whether it is your own wedding or other celebrations of your friends and relatives, a simple floral decoration can easily turn you into the focus of the whole event. Why not give it a try by starting to wear the elegance boutonnieres and wrist corsages!


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