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Joyful CNY Flower Arrangement at Give Gift Boutique

Joyful CNY Flower Arrangement at Give Gift Boutique

posted: 2023-01-11 23:00:00 +0800

CNY flower decoration is an important tradition to create Joyful new year atmosphere along with auspicious couplets and paper-cut art. Satisfying spring flowers and potted tangerine help to incur good luck in the New Year. This year GGB florist will take the job of decorating houses, offices and shops. GGB here will recommend on flower arrangements for different premises.

CNY Flower Arrangement for Banks, Bringing in Wealth

Banks do business with so many clients every day. Festive decorations in banks not only bring sense of joy, but also make them more accessible. During the period from before CNY to the Lantern Festival, banks display nice CNY flowers at busy parts of the premise, such as the entrance gate, on service counter in the middle, the main counter and the VIP conference room, to fill it with happiness and blessing of the CNY. Banks expect to make a fortune in the new year, solanum mammosum is certainly advisable. Five pockets on each fruit aim to collect money . When the golden fruit stacks up, it turn into a pile of gold ingot. The small and exquisite potted solanum mammosum can fit a counter and desk, wishing customers great revenue in the new year. Flowers with a volume appearance such as clustered chrysanthemum and carnation attract attention, whose jumbo crowns and bright purple/red colors deliver absolute CNY festive atmosphere. Added with layer of strings of gold flowers and dancing lady orchids, accompanied by pink puffy hydrangea and graceful green leaves, the colorful flower in vase gives sense of prosperity and vigor of the CNY.

CNY Florist Deco

CNY Flower Arrangement for the Company, the Expression of Holiday Spirit and Great Taste

The company decoration is usually finished two weeks by the CNY, so that employees can get immersed in the happy working environment and in the meantime companies show care for their employees. In addition, CNY decoration provides a pretty photo background for marketing material when they send congratulation message to clients and suppliers. As a traditional CNY flower, narcissus is elegant and beautiful, planted with the roots in water amid distinctive pebbles, contributing to a harmonious scenery in the room. Water stands for wealth in Chinese culture, therefore the water gathering spot at the front desk and conference room is also a wealth gathering point. The mini landscape bamboo implies ascending power, which helps the company make higher achievements in the new year. The contrast between leave green of mini bamboo and pine and the aggressive red of anthurium inspires the refined aesthetic. Determined flame gloriosas leap out of the flowers cluster and soar high with its strong vitality. The silver pot with scale-pattern emboss finish with Zen touch. This flower arrangement will attract focus and performs its classy charm in the reception.

CNY Florist Deco

CNY Flowers Bring in Customers for Stores and Restaurants

A guest’s decision to enter a store and restaurant depends on its style as much as 90%. Exquisite CNY flowers arrangement not only produces cheerful impression, but also increase the attraction, upgrading customers’  consumption experience. You can place bright-colored flowers to light the tone of the premise and display special flower kind in elaborate shape to arouse curiosity of customers. Red noble orchid, red anthurium, heavenly bamboo, carnation and red willow branch present different tones of red and they integrate in the unique CNY red flower arrangement. The curvy silver willows are woven into the shape of a wishful knot with small lanterns and festive paper-cut art subtly hung in the hollow, wishing prosperous business and good outcome as expected.