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List of Practical House Warming Gifts Loved by  the New Homeowners

List of Practical House Warming Gifts Loved by the New Homeowners

posted: 2023-06-18 12:00:00 +0800

Purchase of a new house, moving into a new apartment or a new dormitory, the new environment means whole new life, which is full of joy and expectation. When you are invited to a house warming diner of your family or friends, bringing actual gifts is more meaningful than giving gift money. If you don't know what gift you should give to the new homeowner, take a look at our list of the most popular house warming gifts. I am sure that the new homeowner will be so pleased to received the great gift and your blessing.

The Traditional Eight-Piece House Warming Gift Set

Food such as rice, flour, grain and oil and bedroom articles such as bed, mattress, quilt and mat were considered essential household items in old times. These popular housewarming gifts supported basic needs to live in a house. Our living condition has improved so much now, while giving the eight-piece gift set is rather following the tradition and sending best wishes. The food indicates that the family never need to be worried about livelihood and the bedroom articles means that they will lead a happy life and enjoy sound sleep every night. These gifts are quite heavy, though they are indeed in need.

Helpful Household Appliance for the new Homeowner

If you are close to the host of the house warming party, you can give them big household appliances such as an air conditioning, a television or a dishwashers. It’s appropriate for relatives and close friends to give basic household appliances which are frequently used and can work for many years. But just make sure you discuss it thoroughly with the host ahead and confirm the type, size, brand, and delivery arrangement of the appliances needed, so that the homeowner can install it during construction of the house. If you have a smaller budget, small household appliances are good choice. For example a rice cooker, an electric fan, a fragrance dispenser machine, a vacuum cleaner, a cooking machine or a massage device. These portable appliances can be plugged in a socket anywhere and used. Due to the busy moving schedule, the host may be intended to get one of these but haven’t got it yet, you gift will surely help them out.

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House Warming Gifts Bearing all Kinds of Best Wishes

People calculate carefully and select the auspicious day and time to move in a new house. When choosing house warming gift, we should select the ones bearing auspicious meaning and wish the host happiness and safety. Luxury dried seafood hamper with scallop and fish maw, representing that there will be full of gold and silver in the house, will please the recipient with sincerity. Potted plants of fortune trees and wealth bamboo bring great luck and vitality, which also purifies the air of new homes. Sweet food carries auspicious meanings , symbolizing a sweet life and endless joy with the family. Honey may be the sweetest food i can think of, it’s a great idea to send the host a set of Manuka honey and honey body care item, which gives an impression of health and high quality. Dessert&cookie gift hamper and fruit&flower gift hamper wound never go wrong. For those who have higher requirements for quality, you can pick imported fruit varieties in season.

Fruit Baskets

Art and Creative Home Decorations to Spice Life up

Creative art piece spices up daily life with sense of exquisite and fun. With novel functions and funny looks, these creative art piece encourage us to cook at home and become active while  bringing joyful atmosphere to the environment. As for housewarming gift selections, you could take exquisite dining plates, brand tea sets, convenient kitchen tools, abstract paintings or oil paintings, sculpture scented candles, crystal or ceramic decoration.

Monogramed and DIY House Warming Gifts

At the house warming dinner, many relatives and friends of the host will come. You prefer to prepare a gift special that is not similar to any other gifts. Have you tried adding the initial of the recipient's name on the gift to make it special? Of course, if you have the skills, you can make a  unique cushion with cross-stitch pattern by yourself, there won’t be any identical gift. Well, there are still many options such as a monogramed mug, a bathrobe&towel spa set embroidered with the host's signature, flowers in vase with the host’s name printed on it, or just tie a hydrogen balloon that says “congratulation to the host“on other gift. The host will find the gift so sweet when he or she uses it.

House Warming Party Gifts

Bringing wine to a party is always a smart choice. You could give the host table games as a present so that everyone can mingle and have fun at the party. Not any video game player can reject a wii home game consoles system, there are other subsidiary perks of sending your friend this gift, you will can often come and visit and play with his or her toy.

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