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Mid-Autumn Festival - Family Reunion - Give Gifts

Mid-Autumn Festival - Family Reunion - Give Gifts

posted: 2019-08-01 10:30:00 +0800

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! We wish all the families reunite like the full moon! Behind the best MAF wishes though, is a sad yet beautiful love story, that is, the ancient legend of Chang-o flying to the moon- a Mid-Autumn story that is well known by the Chinese.

According to the Chinese legend, there once were ten Suns in the sky which caused the land overheat and the sea to dry up and that resulted in the miserable life of the people on earth. However, out of the chaos come the heroes. Houyi, a brave young man who gained godly power shot down nine out of the ten Suns and saved the people, thus, he was rewarded with medicines to have immortal life by the Heavenly Queen. Nevertheless, what is the legend of Houyi to do with “Chang-o flying to the moon” story?

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One of Houyi’s adherents called Fengmeng found out that Houyi got an elixir that can help people gain immortal life, so he forced Houyi’s wife-Chang-o to give it to him. In that urgent situation, she chose to take the elixir immediately, she then became so light that she flew to the sky and couldn’t come back. Because she didn’t want to leave her husband, Chang-o decided to live on the moon palace nearest to the Earth. When Houyi discovered what had happened to his wife, he sadly looked at the sky and realized the moon was unusually clear and round that night, he could also vaguely see a figure like Chang-o moving on the moon; then he asked his servants to burn incense to commemorate his wife. When other people got to know about that, they all burned incense to pray to the immortals on the moon palace. Since then, the custom of Mid-Autumn Festival worship is widely spread.

Nowadays, there is rarely moon worship during Mid-Autumn Festival, but people still enjoy the moon cake and pray for the completeness and unity of families; they also send moon cake gifts to each other to express their best wishes. Today, I’d like to introduce Give Gift Boutique, which is the top 10 florist in Hong Kong and the expert of give giving to you; GGB gift shop not only provides beautiful and attractive bouquets and flower baskets to clients, but also lots of high quality gift hampers and fruit baskets. In addition to that, our HK gift shop renews the catalog of Mid-Autumn Hamper every years; apart from the most popular moon cake gift hampers loved by customers, we launch new and innovative gift combo in order to offer a wider range of gift hamper selections to gift recipients. This year, the Mid-Autumn Day falls on September 13th , according to the usual practice, our gift shop will launch the Mid-Autumn Festival catalog one and a half months ahead. If you plan to order the MAF gifts, please pay close attention to the update of our website. Ordering your favorite Mid-Autumn gift basket early can avoid missing out the best time and buying it too late when there’s nothing available online.

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Friendly reminder: As Mid-Autumn Festival is the super peak season; most of the delivery day will be booked early, so lots of customers are used to ordering Mid-autumn gifts 60 days in advance. Therefore, if you see anything in our updated MAF gift hamper catalog, order immediately before they sold out!

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