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Hong Kong moon cake flavor recommendation – tips for sending the traditional popular moon cake gifts Part 1

Hong Kong moon cake flavor recommendation – tips for sending the traditional popular moon cake gifts Part 1

posted: 2019-08-28 16:30:00 +0800

The mooncake symbolizes the full moon , and Mid-Autumn Festival express people’s wishes for reunion, when you send a Mid-Autumn Gift Hamper to your important ones, you tell them that you care about the relationship and want to send them the best wishes. Moon cakes have long history, and new and innovated varieties keep coming every year. What flavors of mooncake you like most? Let us introduce some mooncake flavors to you and give you some tips about how to choose the best one.

White Lotus Seed Paste Mooncake (2 Yolks)

White Lotus Seed Paste Mooncake

Mooncakes make with lotus seed paste is one of the most traditional mooncakes, the flavors include Lotus Seed Paste and white Lotus Seed Paste. The most traditional method of making lotus seed paste is by combining the materials with brown sugar; on the other hand, peeling off the lotus seed skin and add into white sugar can make lighter color, sweeter and stronger fragrance lotus seed paste. In general, salted egg yolks will be added to the lotus seed paste mooncake to enhance more complicity to the flavor and balance the sweetness; on top of that, once you cut off the mooncake, you can see the round egg yolk which has a symbolic meaning of reunion. Most Chinese believe that good things always come in pairs; therefore, they like to add two salted egg yolks to the mooncakes to make them more meaningful. White Lotus Seed Paste mooncakes are the most popular traditional mooncakes; they can be MAF gifts to send to family members, relatives, friends and business partners. It is also a delicate premium business corporate gift for companies in Mid-Autumn Festival.

Five Nuts Mooncake

Five Nuts Mooncake

This classic variety of mooncakes has a long history. Generally speaking, it is made with five kinds of nuts, including almonds, walnuts, melon seeds, Terminalia and sesame. Of course, it is not limited to these five kinds of raw materials, some bakery will use peanut kernels, pecan nuts, pine nuts and other nuts to add to 5 kinds of materials for the mooncake filling, moreover, some will even add Jinhua ham into the filling to improve the flavor. Five Nuts mooncake are crispy and crunchy with refreshing nut fragrance, and they are more favored by men and the elderly. Sending a Mid-Autumn Festival gift hamper with five nuts mooncake to your grandparents or friends from abroad is a way to share the traditional delicacy and express your love.

Red Bean Paste Mooncake

Red Bean Paste Mooncake

The red beans are cooked and blended in a food processor until the paste is smooth, then white sugar is added and fried. Although the red bean mooncakes are not as creamy as the lotus seed mooncakes, they are tasty, sophisticated and rich in bean aroma; what’s more, they are affordable and a nice beauty product for ladies. Because of these, the popularity of the red bean paste mooncakes have gradually increased and they have receive appreciation from many customers. It is indeed a thoughtful Mid-autumn gift especially for ladies.

The above three mooncake flavors we introduced were traditional flavors, the popular brands that sell these mooncakes are: Maxim's mooncakes, Hotel Peninsula Mid-Autumn Mooncakes and Kee wah mooncake. In the next article, we will recommend to you some innovative mooncakes with unique flavors, inheriting the tradition as well as remaining trendy. Please stay tuned on Give Gift Boutique fruit basket shop for MAF mooncakes.

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