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No-Fruit Gourmet Mooncake Gift Hampers

No-Fruit Gourmet Mooncake Gift Hampers

by Water
posted: 2020-08-19 14:00:00 +0800

Sending Mid Autumn hampers to relatives, friends, employees, and customers has become a habit for many people in Hong Kong. Due to the influence of  COVID-19 pandemic, Hong Kong Give Gift Boutique Flower Shop especially launched the no-Fruit Gourmet Mooncake Gift Hampers series

Compared with other pre-packed foods, fruits exposed in the open air are at certain hygiene risk. The  No-Fruit Gourmet Mooncake Gift Hampers  replace traditional fruits with more high-quality brand delicacies, not only are they safer but also retain the volume and quality of the Mid-Autumn Festival gift baskets, ensuring you a healthier Mid-Autumn holiday.


No-Fruit Gourmet Mooncake Gift Hampers

No-Fruit Gourmet Mooncake Gift Hampers Collection

No-Fruit Gourmet Mooncake Gift Hampers

1. Moon Cakes

Mooncakes are surely the theme of the Mid Autumn festival hamper. Peninsula Hotel,  Spring Moon mooncakes, Mandarin Oriental Hotel, W Hotel, Maxim , Kee Wah and other well-known Hong Kong brands can be found in the no-Fruit Gourmet Mooncake Gift Hampers of Give Gift Boutique. In addition to moon cakes, the gift baskets also include the following Mid-Autumn Festival gifts.

2. Dried Fruit

Dried fruits contain various nutrients, they have certain nutritional value and are good for health.  In this special MAF, replacing fresh fruits with dried fruits is a nice alternative.

3. Wine

During the Mid-Autumn Festival, it  is a great enjoyment to pair fine wine with the delicious gourmet food. On the other hand, it is delightful to celebrate the MAF festival with family and friends to watch the moon after dinner while enjoying the mooncake and wine together.

4. Chocolate

The subtle chocolate melts in your mouth.  The phenethylamine in chocolate can help regulate people's emotions and bring people a good mood.  Sending chocolate on the MAF allows you to spend a sweet and happy Mid-Autumn Festival with your family and friends.

5. Nuts

The crispy nuts are very tasty.  In addition, the kernels have health benefits and can prevent some diseases.  Sending nut gifts to family and friends during the Mid-Autumn Festival is a way to wish them healthy.

6. Bird’'s nest, American Ginseng

Autumn is the season suitable for body nourishment, therefore eating bird’s nest in the Mid-Autumn Festival not only nourishes the body but also help to beautify the skin. In addition to being a beauty product, bird's nest has the functions of nourishing the vital energy, relieving cough and reducing phlegm. The weather during the Mid-Autumn Festival is windy and dry which makes people feel thirsty easily, the American Ginseng clears heat and generates fluid as well as nourishing the lungs which make it a nice complement in autumn. Sending these nourish gifts to friends, family and business partners is a way to show your love and care.

7. Dragon’'s Beard Candy, Pastry

Dragon’'s beard candy, a traditional folk snack, is crafted with unique technique with crunchy yet silky texture. In the Mid-Autumn Festival, the dragon’s beard candy is given as gifts to family and friends to remind them of the traditional taste. There are many flavors of baked pastries for people to choose in the Mid-autumn gift box, so everyone can get their favourite piece.

No-Fruit Gourmet Mooncake Gift Hampers


Attentive service-Gift Delivery

In the previous Mid-Autumn Festival, people tended to take some gifts with them to visit relatives and friends. However this year, as the COVID-19 pandemic continues, we avoid going out too much and reduce the large gathering to keep the social distancing. Therefore, using online Mid-Autumn Festival gift boxes order service to send MAF gifts to friends and families can help to reduce social contact yet express emotion and concern.

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blog written by: # Water (46)
Water, Editor

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