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Popular Mooncakes in HK and Manners of Mid-autumn Festival Gifting

Popular Mooncakes in HK and Manners of Mid-autumn Festival Gifting

posted: 2022-09-05 08:30:00 +0800

The full moon shines especially brightly on the ground through the cloudless clear sky at Mid autumn festival .It’s the time that people gather with their family and enjoy a banquet together. Mooncake is a regular cast of this festival.It has the shape of a full moon , tender crust and thick stuffing, bearing the best wishes and joy of reunion at the festival. Mooncake gradually becomes an iconic gift to celebrate Mid-autumn festival in modern society.

Mooncake evolves over time and has developed different flavors.They are nicely packaged with well designed festive decoration as a gift,the most popular style in HK among which are lotus-seed paste, egg custard and lava egg custard stuffing.

The lotus-seed paste mooncake

Lotus-seed paste stuffing is the most traditional.There are red lotus-seed paste and white lotus-seed paste. Egg yolk finish before baking gives it the familiar dark brown color. Delicate and smooth sweet lotus paste stuffiing is filled in the tender crust.The salty egg yolk with tempting grease in the middle perfectly balance the sweetness, hints of saltiness harmoniously integrate with the taste of sweet.Its makes drooling only by thinking of it. An elder family member will evenly cut a whole mooncake into 6-8 piece and makes sure that parts of the egg yolk is in each slice.This action disperses the taste of sweet and continues the warm family tradition of sharing mooncake at the festival.

Mid autumn moon cake fruit basket

Egg custard mooncake

Combined with the cuisine of both local and western style, egg custard mooncake is born with affection.Egg custard stuffing bun is familiar in our childhood memory of early breakfast at the restaurant. The traditional recipe of butter ,egg ,milk and sugar added with high quality salty egg yolk grinded to paste,which was consider as commercial secret at the old times.The delicate and abundant taste filled inside a soft and fluffy bun is irresistibly yummy. Learning from the best, the egg custard mooncake fills egg custard in the western style pie crust,so that you taste the milky scented fluffy crust and delicious egg custard stuffing at the same time. Egg custard mooncake is usually made to smaller size for easy bite with elegance.

Lava egg custard mooncake

Evolved from original egg custard mooncake, lava egg custard mooncake makes lava with the original solid stuffing .When you carefully tear a lava egg custard mooncake ,the lava pours out .It’s tasty and fun to look at.

Manners of Mid-autumn festival gifting

Autumn is a cool season and the Mid-autumn festival happens to fall in the middle of a year.That is to say ,Mid-autumn is a a great moment to send a gift for private or business, to interact with your friends, appreciate an elder family, thank your superiors and reward a supportive client. The Mid-autumn festival gifting presents good manner. You may want to get prepared with the manners and try to make gifting polite and appropriate.

1.Mooncake is a classic gift of Mid-autumn festival. Before make any options,learn the preference of the receiver.So that you can pick the sweet or salty flavor accordingly and choose the right type of mooncake. Elder people may like lotus-seed paste stuffing better by force of tradition.

2.Some brands offer low-sugar mooncake with lighter taste and alleviated burden of sugar consumption. It’s suitable for people on diet or keeping fit.

3.Brands have their own recipe , the taste and texture is different. It’s  safer to  choose from popular shops which enjoy great remark.

4.A large gift hamper with various kinds of gift inside will show higher value.You can put in wine and juice drinks, and the mate of moon appreciation, fresh fruit. Apples stands for safe, honey dew sings for happy life,  clusters of grape brings fruitful harvest and tangerine represents good luck. Fruits are suitable and festival.

5.The recommended period to send a gift is half a month before the day of Mid-autumn festival and right on the day. An early gift serves as a reminder of the inspiring festival and avoid getting submerged in the sea of gifts on the day of the festival.It may leave a stronger impression on the receiver.

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