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Positive Effects of Flowers on Your Wellbeing

Positive Effects of Flowers on Your Wellbeing

posted: 2020-02-20 16:00:00 +0800

If you love flowers you may already know that deep down these colourful delights do more than just make you smile. Flowers have numerous positive effects on our health and wellbeing and there is plenty of science to back it up. Believe it or not, multiple studies have been performed about the healing properties of flowers and how they have a way of making us feel while we’re at home, given as gifts, and when we’re feeling unwell. Flowers make us feel happy and excited, especially when given as a gift or in noticing a particularly colourful or elaborate display. If you need further proof as to why you need to have to have more flowers in your life, here are a few more facts to persuade you.

Florist Flower in Vase - British table florist ET21 - VD1002A1 Photo

Flowers improve your mood and your health

In one study, that was monitoring the recovery of patients in a hospital after a procedure, found that the patients that had flowers or plants in their hospital rooms reported lower blood pressures, lower ratings of pain, anxiety, and fatigue. Patients were also noted in having a more positive outlook!

Flowers help you think clearly

Yup, having flowers in your office will definitely improve your work performance. In another study, researchers found that workers that kept flowers or plants near their work area performed better cognitively than their flowerless counterparts. Having flowers around has also been found to improve creativity. What’s more, having plants and flowers in the work place brings you closer to nature while also helping improve your indoor air quality.

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Florist Flower in Vase - Casablanca Florist Vase Decor T4 - L0197269 Photo

Colourful flowers can help you relax and feel calm

Viewing colourful flowers and leafy green plants actually makes you feel calmer and more relaxed. One study even found that even specific colours of flowers and plants can be used to help shape a mood and environment based on the way we psychologically tend to respond to their natural colours.

Flower fragrance can help with anxiety

Stop and sniff those flowers! Because smelling flowers is scientifically proven to help lower feelings of anxiety. Smelling flowers has a way of altering our brain chemistry to release all of things that makes us feel good!

Florist Flower in Vase - Flower in Vase 11 - L156115 Photo

Taking care of flowers gives a self-esteem boost

Ask anyone who loves gardening and they’ll tell you about the satisfaction and sense of responsibility that comes with taking care of a garden. Nourishing new life and watching things grow gives an immediate sense of accomplishment that boosts self-esteem and confidence.

Flowers help you to be mindful and make intimate connections

Flowers help keep you stay focused on the present as well as help you make meaningful connections to family and friends. Studies have found that being in direct contact with flowers lead to increased contact and intimacy with family and friends.

Florist Flower in Vase - Double Florist Vase Decor G1 - L36509212 Photo

Flowers simply make you happy

Just having flowers in and around you has been proven to make you feel happy. A similar study found that recipients of flowers responded to the flowers with what is known as the Duchenne smile, which is a true and heartfelt smile that isn’t shaped by social standards. What’s more is that flower recipients reported feeling happier than those who did not have flowers in the study even three days after receiving them!

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blog written by: # Danielle Roberts (118)
Danielle Roberts, Editor

Danielle is a Canadian freelance writer and ESL teacher who has called Hong Kong home since 2016.     > more...

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