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Proper Gifts for Senior Executives and Business Owners

Proper Gifts for Senior Executives and Business Owners

posted: 2024-06-12 11:30:00 +0800

Professionals who work in an office environment can not avoid the situation where they find it necessary to send senior executives and business owners gifts. Adhering to office etiquette and send your superior gift could improve relationships with your colleagues and encourage team work. As for giving gifts to senior executives and business owners of a company that you do business with, it is treated as a business tactic to outreach and maintain good communication. Let’s explore the art of giving gifts to senior executives and business owners with Give Gift Boutique and select a proper and meaningful gift.


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What’s the Common Understanding of Giving Gifts to Senior Executives and Business Owners?

Gifts should be a pleasure without inflicting any pressure ,the key is to choose the right gift that fits the atmosphere and arrange to sent it at the right time. Specify whether a person gift, a team gift, or a family gift. The simple yet heartful gift represents your kind regards which is likely to touch the recipient.



When it comes to preparing gifts for senior executives and business owners, the first challenge should be budgeting. It’s particularly important not to give valuable gifts if you don’t know each other very well, such as Jewelry, antiques and luxury leather product. These gift might make the recipient feel pressured, leading to misunderstandings that you have underlying expectation from the recipient. Your sincere and kind initial intention may be distorted. Choosing a gift within the budget range of HKD $1000-5000 is more appropriate, with more available options that can include quality and great texture and convey your sincerity to the recipient.


Appropriate Occasions To Send Senior Executives and Business Owner Gifts

1. Birthday

2. Traditional festivals

3. Promotions, farewell or retirement

4. Housewarming party

5. Welcoming a newborn

6. Sick at home

7. Thank you gift


Social Manners & Culture to Mind When Choosing Gifts for Senior Executives and Business Owners

Be mindful of taboo items in specific cultural background and and ethnics. Additionally, you should avoid the items that have similar sound of unlucky implication. If you dont know the recipient very well, dont give anything too personal or private, always respect boundaries.


Heartful Details to Polish a Thoughtful Gift

1. Express your sincere wishes and gratitude with wordings and photos on the gift card.

2. Carefully select a delicate metalic gift card to celebrate and commemorate the moment.

3. Buy from trustworthy brand gift shop for better gift category, quality, display and packaging. Their professional delivery service can save you valuable time.

4. Customized marking gives the gift a unique personalized touch.


Gifts Category Recommendation for Senior Executives and Business Owners

Everyone Loves Tasty Food

Desserts and pastries are popular gift options, suitable to fuel up a hungry morning, share with family and colleagues, or treat guest in both at home and in the office. The shelf life is also satisfying. Top-tier chocolate gift boxes, pastries from brand boutiques are classic choices. Rare items on the market are more likely to catch attention, such as hard-to-get popular brand snacks, internationally imported delicacies. Or you could start collecting gifts of limited edition and festive edition to create more surprises and fun. Of course, you could attend to the recipients taste and preference and select quality item such as ham, truffle sauce, or meat paste. Delicacies combined with art can serve a great décor and nice treat, bringing dual enjoyment of visual and taste.


Tonics and Health Supplements are Great Gifts to thank Mentors at Work and Friends for Life

Selfless guidance and experience sharing from senior executives and business owner is immensely beneficial, which can help us avoid detour at work and in life. Such sincere mentors and great friends are indeed treasures. A gift of nutritious supplements and organic healthy foods can well express your care and deep appreciation. For female bosses, we recommend donkey hide gelatin soft candy with kernels, instant bird nest stewed with and ginseng tea. These delicious beauty tonic can also help woman improve their constitution.


Inspiring Flower Decoration and Potted Plants

Flowers are traditional gifts for birthdays and having promotion. Besides traditional flower bouquet and flower arrangement, orchids, money trees, and mini landscape bonsais are lovely gifts suitable for these occasions. These potted plants have longer life, they are easy to maintain, symbolizing integrity and power of life, suitable for both men and women. Preserved flower decoration and bouquet are another ideal gift options. Preserved flowers are made from real flowers through a serial of dehydration process and techniques, allowing them to maintain their fresh shape and vibrant color for a long time. They can lift the ambiance and mood of any environment. Even better preserved flowers do not contain allergens.


Sending Festival Gift to Senior Executives and Business Owners

Several Eastern and Western festivals share the tradition of giving and receiving gifts , making it a great opportunity to socialize with senior executives and business owners of the company that you do business with. Especially during Lunar New Year, Dragon Boat Festival, Christmas, and the Western New Year, when the festive atmosphere is richer and more exciting than other holidays, sending a gift hamper of holiday regards feels natural and thoughtful. Holiday-limited edition gifts adds happiness to the holidays. Of course, you can deliver the gifts in person and visit your team leader, bosses and clients.


Tea, Coffee, and Fine Wines - The key to Socializing in the Workplace

Office workers are accustomed to refreshing themselves by drinking coffee and tea. They can tell quality tea and coffee. Sharing coffee and tea may allow you to connect with your colleagues. As for Champagne lovers, royal Champagnes with a long history will impress them .


Gift Guide for an Office Newcomer

Knowing the recipient’s hobbies, taste and preferences and choose gift accordingly can better show our sincerity. However, for office new comer, business-style gourmet gift basket is less likely to go wrong. Before sending a gift, its wise to consult a colleague or consider sending a joint gift with your colleague. If the gift is meant to thank for assistance, you could invite the recipient to a work lunch and then present him the gift.


Give Gift Boutique Gifts

Working professionals often find themselves in situations where they need to give gifts to senior executives and business owners. Give Gift Boutique is the professional gift shop youve been looking for. In 2023, Give Gift Boutique serviced 10,000 person-time in Hong Kong, gaining precious affection and trust of our customers. With 24-hour online ordering, we deliver gifts to 18 districts in Hong Kong, including residential areas, office buildings, hotels and restaurants, making gift-giving a convenient and comfortable experience. Fastest delivery can be on the same or the next day.

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