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The Best Gift Guide to Senior

The Best Gift Guide to Senior

posted: 2021-12-22 14:00:00 +0800

The rule to gift-giving is easy: pick your gift depending on the gift-giving occasion and who the receiver is. Yet, gift-giving could be tricky but still manageable when the gift receiver is your friend or your partner. But when it comes to seniors, it could be a different game. If you feel frustrated with picking a gift for a senior, our guide might be a helpful friend to you!

Lunar New Year Gift for Senior

Although not written in any book of rules, giving gifts during Lunar New Year has become a ritual. Undoubtedly, this festive season is the perfect chance to express your love and caring to seniors, and that’s why it is crucial to pick the right gift!

If food is your gift preference, a dried seafood gift box would be one of the perfect choices. Unlike cookies and candy gift boxes, dried seafood is comparatively lower in sugar and fat, making it a healthier gift choice for seniors.

Apart from dried seafood, flowers could be an ideal gift choice too. Blooming flowers represent liveliness and happiness, which is perfect for the Lunar New Year. Although less popular than their flower counterparts, Orchids would be an ideal choice. Not only is it elegant on the outside, but it also represents respect and endorsement. In Give Gift, we have our florist team who get fresh flowers twice a day from the local flower market. Plus, every flower bouquet or flower gift is designed by our team to ensure uniqueness.

CNY Orchids

CNY Orchids X9

The arrangement consists of 9 stems of orchid in a stylish display that exudes elegance.

Mid-Autumn Festival Gift for Senior

A festival that symbolizes getting together, Mid-Autumn Festival is a festival for families. When it comes to the Mid-Autumn Festival, mooncakes usually come to mind first. Despite how tasty and festive they are, they also bear high calories and fats and could be difficult for the digestive system of seniors.

If you prefer food gifts, why not consider fruit baskets instead of mooncakes? Fresh fruits from Japan are universally known for their deliciousness, yet they could be pricey. Mid-Autumn Festival would be good timing for you to indulge your beloved seniors with expensive fruits!