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The Flower of Autumn

The Flower of Autumn

posted: 2021-10-13 17:00:00 +0800

October is officially here. With the dropping temperature and the blowing of chilly wind, we know that Autumn will be making her appearance very soon. Not only is the weather changing gradually, if you pay close attention to our surroundings, but you might also discover that the leaves are silently turning color, and the blooming flower is giving its final bow. When it comes to the botanical world, we would always link up Autumn with wither trees and plants. Yet, do you know that there are actually a number of flowers that bloom during Autumn instead of Spring? In this emotional season, let’s pay more attention to these Autumn flowers, and appreciate that everything has its own time.


Florist Decor

Let it be tiny cosmos, or those bright elegant large chrysanthemums, no one could deny that chrysanthemum is the queen of the Autumn season. Different from her counterparts that cannot wait to bloom at full length when Spring comes, chrysanthemum waits till the arrival of chilly Autumn to make her appearance. This makes the chrysanthemum survives the cold. And because of these features, chrysanthemums have long been the favorite flower of famous Chinese poets, it is also named one of the four aristocratic flowers. In Chinese tradition, people love to take a sip of chrysanthemum wine while taking a dedicated look at these Autumn beauties. In old myths, chrysanthemums are even to be a flower that is the synonym of eternity and good fortune.

2. Osmanthus fragrans

Also, a flower that could be used to produce spirits, Osmanthus fragrans usually bloom sometime around the Mid Autumn Festival. People love to go watch this pretty flower during Autumn nights with their family and friends. Despite its elegant appearance, the scent is also spectacular. It is believed that the scent of osmanthus fragrans could freshen up one’s mind. This flower can also absorb the dust in the air, making it a magical flower both to the eye and to the environment. Similar to chrysanthemum, osmanthus fragrans also made a frequent appearance in Chinese classic poems.

3. Camellia chrysantha

Camellia chrysantha might not be as well-known as the two flowers mentioned above. Yet, with its buttery yellow appearance that looks like a delicate little teacup, it is one of the most exotic flowers in the world! Camellia chrysantha is currently listed as the first-class national protected plant, in other words, it is like the panda in the botanical world! Its pretty outlook has won her a large group of fans, it is even called the magic plant in the western part of the globe.

4. Phalaenopsis