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Guangzhou Summer Gifts Selection – Relax Gift Basket

Guangzhou Summer Gifts Selection – Relax Gift Basket

by Julie
posted: 2018-07-11 16:00:00 +0800

The summer in Guangzhou is the combination of rainstorm and hot weather; the last minute it was raining cats and dogs, and the next minute comes extreme heat. How disturbing it is! Some people joke that there’s no autumn in Guangzhou city as far as the whole Guangdong province because the summer season lasts for such a long time from May till November. Guangzhou, on the other hand, is in the humid subtropical monsoon climate zone, featuring the characteristic of hot summer and warm winter without a clear division of four seasons.

How hot is the summer in Guangzhou? Let’s take a look at two examples:

This is a normal working day. You go out in the morning as usual to take the Guangzhou Metro, the hot and humid weather makes you feel like you are walking in a food steamer; even worse, if you happen to be on the Guangzhou Metro Line 3, you lose half of your energy of the day trying to get on the crowded cart with some sweaty and stinky people. Imagine you go to work like this every day, how can you not feel tired and stressful?

Another example happens at the weekends when friends and families hang out together for fun. The continuous high-temperature and the tall buildings around the city cause the urban heat island effect which makes people feel like walking in the oven when they go out, this of course ruins the original purpose of relaxing and having a good time during the weekends.

Fortunately, there always will be solutions to the problems. Regardless of the hot weather in Guangzhou, the Cantonese have various methods to deal with it. For instance, the traditional Cantonese soup is a powerful tool against the heat. The special Cantonese soup not only helps people get rid of the dampness but also nourish the body; so having Cantonese soup is a unique life style belongs to the local Cantonese to help them endure the long hot summer. Another tool to fight against the heat in Guangzhou is the traditional Cantonese herbal tea which is good to heal the “yeet hay” inside your body and make you feel refreshing again. (yeet hay is a concept in traditional Chinese medicine. Normally people with excessive internal heat would easily get inflammation of the tooth, sore throat or acne, etc.)

Although we can’t stop the hot weather influence in Guangzhou, we can always find ways to deal with it and make ourselves more comfortable.

Due to the stress and annoying situation caused by extreme heat, it’s necessary for us to find ways to relax with the Relax Gift Hamper. These gift boxes have all sorts of relaxation gifts that can help you release the pressure and liberate your soul.

Give Gift Boutique is one of the major flower and gift shops in Hong Kong; in 2012, we opened our first mainland China flower shop branch in Guangzhou as the start of global expansion. Apart from the traditional flower bouquet gifts, floral gift baskets and preserved flower gifts, GGB gift & flower shop also strives to look for exquisite Gourmet Gift Baskets and Relax, Comfort, and Lifestyle Gifts from all over the world to satisfy different gifting requirements from customers.

The No.1 Recommendation of relax gift basket: Relax gift box R4

The Relax gift box R4 contains 7 items (including container)

1. England, London Honeycomb

2. UK, Whittard of Chelsea, tea bags

3. UK, The London Honey, hand dipped candles/ Woodwick made in USA fragrance candle

4. Australia, Wheatbags Love handmade EyePillow (made in Australia)

5. A small bunch of dried flower

6. local Hong Kong handmade DIY tag

7. Give Gift Boutique Gift Box (Please note the color of basket may vary.)

This Relax Gift Basket meets the needs of mental and physical relaxation. The honeycomb is an energy booster and works as an antioxidant; the teabag helps to cut the grease of an oily meal; the scented candle and diffuser reduce your stress and help you relax; the dried flower bouquet can be placed in the house or office as decoration to add some excitement to life.

Gift recipients: employees, friends, partners and family members.

The No.2 Recommendation of relax gift basket: relax gift sets A1

The relax gift sets A1 contains 7 items (including container)

1. Herbs Sweet Sleeping Drink

2. CC,Hong Kong,Bird's Nest

3. Impetial bird's Nest Once-A-Day Bird's Nest / Home Of Swallows Bird's Nest x2

4. Francfranc Colline Room Fragrance

5. A small bunch of dried flower

6. gift card

7. Wooden Box gift Basket with gunny bag

The packaging of this relax gift basket is delicate. The gift items placed in the gift box are practical and unique; they are good for skin beauty and help you sleep well. This gift hamper is like a relaxing spa for people living in the hot urban areas.

Gift recipients: mother, wife, the older family members, friends, employees' relatives' welfare.


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