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The Ultimate Guide to Preserved Flowers Gifts

The Ultimate Guide to Preserved Flowers Gifts

posted: 2021-10-18 17:30:00 +0800

The vivid colors and the adaptive, charming features of flowers never fail to make anyone smile from the bottom of their heart. Let it be part of home decoration or a bouquet, flowers always have the magic to deliver a sense of happiness and lift the mood!

Fresh flowers from the market or flower boutique are no doubt lively and lovely. Flowers are meant to make our ordinary days better, yet taking care of them might be time and energy-consuming, which turns into another source of stress. What if there are flowers that are easy to take care of and stay fresh and pretty all the time? This is not a dream anymore as we have preserved flowers! New to the preserved flowers? No problem! At Give Gift Flower Boutique, there are many delicately design eternal flower gifts for any special occasion. So you could all the benefit brought to you by flower at ease.

What is the preserved flower?

Preverved flowers are flowers that have undergone a special preservative procedure. The fresh flower is first dipped into a special liquid to dehydrate and remove its color, then a pigmented solution to retain its natural colors. After such a procedure, the flower will have a longer life span. Plus, you do not have to water it to make it stay alive! In an appropriate environment, the naturally soft petals can stay fresh and vivid for a long time. Have we mentioned that eternal flowers have no pollen, which makes anyone able to enjoy the companion of pretty blooming flowers?

6 Specially Designed Eternal Flowers Gifts

If there is any occasion that will not be completed without flowers, consider these eternal flower gifts:

Small rose Valentine's Day preserved flower box

●Small Rose Valentine’s Day Preserved Flower Box M63.

A diamond-shaped box is home to a heart-shaped red rose bouquet along with blue hydrangeas. The fully packed flower in the box can with no doubt make your special someone smile from ear to ear!

●Preserved Flower Alphabet Letter Floral Number Light

Preserved flowers are planted in these alphabet and number shape lightboxes. Utilize your creativity and group them into meaningful codes. They make good decorations at home, proposal events, parties, and more. The lightbox is light and it only takes 2 AA batteries to light them up.

Preserved flower light

●Sweet Preserved Flower Cake Decor M72

This eye-catching double-decker cake is 0 calories guaranteed. As it is made of modeling clay and implanted with a bunch of pretty eternal flowers! The floral arrangement includes David Austin's light pink small roses, white jasmines, white and pink hydrangeas, and French pink small roses. The pastel palette is nothing short of romantic. The additional plate that said Happy Birthday makes this cake even more real to fool anyone!

●Ferris wheel Preserved Flower Decor M74

An ultimately romantic eternal flower gift: a Ferris wheel made of eternal flowers is set on a grass field with a set of couple figures standing in front of it. The Ferris wheel is made up of lilac roses, pale green roses, pale yellow roses, pink roses, pale blue roses, and a colorful selection of hydrangeas. Not only is the color palette lively, but the decoration is also contained in a transparent acrylic box to barred it from dust and possible destruction.

●Christmas Preserved Flower Wreath Gift Box M37

Handmade by our professional florist, this beautiful Christmas wreath has many imported preserved flower materials, including imported Kenya roses, imported Japanese red hydrangeas, imported Japanese leaves, and some naturally dried nuts. This Christmas gift includes our exclusive handmade wooden card saying Merry Christmas. Together with the wine red gold stamping gift box, it is sure to be the best gift-giving idea.