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Versatile Opening Flower Stand and Flower Basket   for Restaurant Grand Opening

Versatile Opening Flower Stand and Flower Basket for Restaurant Grand Opening

posted: 2023-10-18 10:00:00 +0800

As a food paradise, Hong Kong attracts millions of tourists every year to enjoy its remarkable restaurants. From exquisite Guangdong dishes, to the major eight cooking styles of China, dessert & drinks, original European, American, Japanese, Southeast Asian cuisines and creative theme restaurants, each restaurant has its decoration style. What to mind when selecting an opening flower stand for your relatives or friends |partners' restaurant? How to pick an appropriate and appealing opening flower stand ? Let's take a look with Give Gift Boutique.


Flowers That Attracts Wealth for Restaurant Opening

Every restaurant owner desires brisk business, full tables and repeated customers. As the old saying goes, money flows in the business as water flows in a cage. Wed like to recommends some prosperous flower varieties that attracts good fortune and wealth, especially suitable to use in opening flower stands, pleasing the restaurant owners and lighting up the atmosphere.

Hydrangea:The bouncy and tender petals of hydrangea clustered into a chubby ball, making it usually the center of a flower stand, indicating promising success. The acidity and alkalinity of the soil gives hydrangea various shades of red, blue, and purple and the temperature also affects pigmentation. In addition, hydrangea required for high oxygen content in water. It is important to maintain sufficient moisture and keep the flowers at proper and stable temperature. Always choose the freshest hydrangea with moisturized petals when you make the opening stand, so that it remain vigorous for a longer display time outdoors.

Anthurium is also named the flower of safe-sailing, well-prepared to explore the sea of wealth, bringing in good luck and wealth. With only one palm on each stem, anthurium has slender and long stem and glossy appearance. Its used to create layers to the flower stand. Besides the common hot-red and green color, they also come in white, pink, purple as well as some special variety with shading colors and mixed color, harmoniously matching various flower stand styles.

Lilies symbolize smooth business and career, it supports the keeper to fulfill his dream. The shape of a blooming flowers look like the stretching claws of a gold dragon, wildly catching great opportunities for sure, contributing to a powerful and vibrant impression of the flower stand. The yellow lily is given a powerful nickname, Lord Yellow.

Roses:With the recognized beauty and popularity, roses are often used to make opening flower stand. Another reason why choose it is that it upgrades the class and elegance of a flower stand, making it more valuable and persuasive. Even those name variety are commonly used in a flower stand, such as Our Lady of Guadalupe, Avalanche and luxury Kenya rose.

Bird-of-paradise flower looks just as the name that a bird with spreading wings and is about to soar, even the petals resemble feather, giving such a vivid and ambitious impression.

Golden oncidium orchid: Strings full of golden oncidium orchid sheds glimmer in the flower basket as if handfuls of gold grains were casually thrown at the flower stand.

The dragon willow:A variety of side leaves are used to create sense of space and shape of weighing down. The dragon willow has slender and flexible branches and its used to create arches and curls, standing for bright future and incurring good business.


Basic Rules Upon Selecting a Right Opening Flower Stand Color Selection 

Saturated and Bright colors, such as hot red and hot purple, lake blue, orange and yellow are suitable for most joyful occasions. But you still need to match the decoration style and main color tone of the restaurant. For example, simple design and lighter colors are preferable for the opening of a Western style restaurant.



Its true that you get what you pay for. The higher the budget for the flower stand, more flowers options available, you may also have some special flower kinds. If the recipients are your relatives and friends, you can choose an elaborate style to present your full support. If the flower stand is for an associated restaurant or a restaurant you do business with, you can send a business style and your kind regards instead. For a special situation, not the more expensive flower stand the merrier. Take fast food restaurant and sweet soup restaurant as examples, they usually covers a small area, each food is offered at a cheaper price and people finish their food quickly.And the next group of guests quickly fills in. A traditional & practical flower stand with smaller size may suit the situation better. Please understand that smaller size do not mean stinginess, you can still use abundant flower kind and blooming fresh color to make the flower stand and help build a joyful and exciting atmosphere.


Give Gift Boutique Opening Flower Stand Selection for Restaurants

Business Flower Stand N1B


Sending congratulation gifts for opening ceremony is a common social manner in Hong Kong. For most cases, people send flower baskets out of business etiquette. The sender needs to present proper congratulation on business occasions, where participation and kind regards matter the most. Flower stand N1B may be an excellent choice. There is a reason why it continuously top the sales. Firstly, the joyful and lively red and purple tone is hard too miss. With fresh and fully-blooming big lilies in the center, it give sense of vibrant. Pairing with pink Thai national orchids, hot red sunflower, mathiola type flower/majus and other flowers and plant leaves, layers are created and abundant colors add in. The width of the flower basket is 85 cm and the height is 190 cm. The top of the main flowers roughly parallel with the head of an adult and the entire flower stand falls in the normal view range, looking graceful and appropriate. This low-profile and economic business flower stand is only for HKD $845, yielding the spotlights to the more important guests .


Commercial Florist Stand MD51


We offer up to 150 opening flower stands and 54 potted flower decorations styles, You can select your favourite style among so many options and help your relatives, friends, and colleagues order without overlapping. As for style MD51, the joyful flower arrangement and various colors immediately connect to the scene of cutting ribbons on the opening ceremony. Adopting red and purple as the main colors, from top to bottom, pink stock flower, pink hydrangea, pink lilies, and champagne lisianthus create the shade that each is pinker than the previous one. The bright red gerbera perfectly embellishes the arrangement and adds highlight to the gentle elegance. The use of a tripod provides a more exquisite and flexible appearance. This style perfectly suits various decoration styles such as Western restaurants, Japanese restaurants, and creative cuisine restaurants.


Opening Flower Basket A18


If you need a delicate and small opening flower stand for a small restaurant, check opening flower stand A18. Although the size is only 2 feet 5 inches wide and 5 feet 8 inches high, the top of the main flower is about the shoulder of an adult, you cant help being attracted by the beautiful colors and rich details. Fushia pink Thai national orchids spreads purple and peach red stock flower blends in, followed by elegant purple roses and pink hydrangea. Then the color gradually transition to the purple&blue hydrangea. Finally, fresh and soothing green palms and lining leaves complete the flower arrangement. This style is smaller in size yet it has a distinctive look.


Sky Red Purple Orchid for Six OZ7


How would you like to send a pot of luxurious orchid to the opening of a Chinese restaurant? It matches the antique and exquisite environment. As we all know, orchids has a long blossom period, symbolizing the vitality of a restaurant. On the other hand, orchids are easy to keep, they fit the reception desk, adding positive energy and elegance to the room.


Grand Opening Plant with Flowing Water Furnishing Gift Set SS03


A pot of mini landscape arhat pine will be such a creative opening gift. Pine tree in snake shape has the meaning of auspiciousness and wealth in the folk geomancy. We elaborately furnish the mini landscape pot with flowing water light set and mini yard fence, combining the tranquillity and relaxation of mountainous area and the blessing of wealth brought by flowing water and blowing wind. Great money-collecting decoration for the check-out counter.


You should entrust your opening flower stand to a meticulous and professional gift shop like Give Gift Boutique. All of our flower products are carefully crafted by florists using fresh and fully blossom flowers of the day. Each opening flower stand comes with free gift card service, we design and print pattern and content on high-quality cardboard. We also provides designated-time delivery services, promising to meet the auspicious time. Sending an opening flower stand can be such a pleasant experience with Give Gift Boutique.

This is a Hong Kong GGB original 'Versatile Opening Flower Stand and Flower Basket for Restaurant Grand Opening ' blogpost.
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