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The Meaning Behind Flower Bouquet Colors

The Meaning Behind Flower Bouquet Colors

by Water
posted: 2018-01-09 10:19:16 +0800


Flowers and roses have always been a great gift giving choice to send to people. Usually, people will send flower bouquets to their beloved ones like mother, father, husband, wife, sisters and friends, etc. Many people think that they choose to send flower gifts because of the pleasant color and appearance of the bouquet, as well as the aromatic floral scent. Scientists have also confirmed that the colors of flowers have an emotional impact on humans, and people believe that each flower color has its own significance.

As online flower shops in Hong Kong gain their popularity, ordering flower gifts and sending flower bouquets online becomes easier. The owners of the flower shops will divide different categories on their floral website in terms of flower types and occasions for sending flowers, therefore those who want to order floral gifts online need not to worry about getting the wrong bouquet at the wrong time. Take Valentine's Day for example, there’s a “Valentine's Day Gift” section on the flower website, just click on this link and you can easily find the flower gifts for your loved one and won’t make any mistakes. Besides, if you really care about the people who receive the flowers or want to send them some special flower bouquets, you need to pick the corresponding flowers. Hong Kong Give Gift Boutiquewill tell you the meaning behind some common flower colors.

White Flower Bouquet:

The white flower bouquet represents holiness, innocence, purity, peace and hope. It is suitable for many occasions, and you can use a white bouquet to express how pure and perfect he/she is. Give the bouquet of white roses to someone you like to represent the sincere love between both of you. Moreover, it is also nice to use white color as the basic color tone and add other colors to decorate the whole bouquet. The recommended white bouquets: orchids, white roses.

Red Flower Bouquet:

Red is the color of flowers that many people choose to send to others. It is most appropriate to express passion and vitality with the red bouquet. In addition to that, the red bouquet has the meaning of love, romance, desire, encouragement, and beauty. Valentine's Day is one of the best time to send red flower bouquet to your loved ones.

Pink Flower Bouquet:

The meaning of pink bouquet is roughly the same as the red bouquet, but pink color is relatively subtle and gentle. Pink bouquet has the symbolic meaning of romantic, pure love, joy, happy and young. Other than that, pink is more of a feminine color, so you can choose to send pink color flowers to the ladies on various occasions such as Valentine's Day or their birthdays.

Yellow Flower Bouquet:

Yellow is a very powerful color that stands for joy, happiness, smile, and friendship. Now you understand why we smile when we receive the yellow bouquet? The yellow flower bouquet is more suitable as gifts for friends for their birthdays and graduation ceremony.

We hope the information about sending flower gifts can help you make your decision. If want to know more about gift giving tips, please follow us on our GGB blog; if you want to order floral arrangement gifts, please contact Hong Kong Give Gift Boutique directly and we will get in touch you and provide you with the professional gift sending ideas.




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