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Oh I love a cuppa! Drinking Tea Like a Brit!

Oh I love a cuppa! Drinking Tea Like a Brit!

posted: 2018-10-15 12:10:00 +0800

So I am British, I’ve tried traveling all over the world, learning new languages even lived abroad for several years, but no matter what I do, you can take the Brit out of Britain but you cannot take the British out of me. This does have some downsides. For example, unless there is an orderly queue for everything I get scared and leave. I am unable to do anything without saying “sorry” and wherever I am and no matter the situation I need to to have instant access to a proper cup of tea!

Tea is quintessentially British! I’m told there is a Chinese proverb that says “A day without tea is a day without joy.” I think the British take it one step further “A day without tea… just isn’t a day!” We have developed an elaborate tea culture around this simple yet beautiful drink, and it is a culture that is enjoyed by people the world over! Something we at Give Gift Boutique love and enjoy and share.

We offer a selection of tea time gifts across our vast range of hampers, along with some individual gift items. You may have seen our Twinings Tea Gift Set or drooled over our Fortnum and Mason Gift Hamper as you think about drinking that perfect cup of Earl Grey. Whatever the gift if it involves British Tea you have come to the right place.

If you’ve gone ahead and bought one of the tasty tea sets for a loved one in Hong Kong or elsewhere, how can you make sure you drink tea like a brit? Enter our top tea tips!

  • HOW DO I MAKE THE PERFECT CUP OF TEA? - Boil the kettle and pour hot water over a tea bag…..Let’s add some sophistication and do it the proper way! To tea like a pro, boil the kettle as soon as it bubbles pour it into a teapot with the tea bag. If the water drops in temperature it ruins the flavor. Brew for as long you desire (not too long!) Proper Job as the Brits say! Your perfect cup of tea is ready!

  • DO I ADD MILK? HOW MUCH? WHEN? - Tea without milk is NOT BRITISH! PERIOD! It is unthinkable for a Brit to drink tea with no milk, just no never! How much milk though do you add? Well, that is down to personal taste, but according to one tea expert I spoke to at Harrods in London you want about 80:20 tea-to-milk ratio. If the tea looks the same colour as the mug you have failed, that’s an embarrassment. Start again! What about adding milk first or last. I dare not enter that debate! Just ask any British person and the next 3 days of your life will be spent passionately debating why their way is correct.

  • WHEN SHOULD I DRINK TEA? - Just woken up? Drink tea. On an afternoon break? Drink tea. Ready for bed? Drink tea. Being invaded by an alien species and the whole world is exploding around you? Drink tea. It is always the right time of day to drink tea!


  • CAN I MAKE AN ICED BRITISH TEA? What? Really? WHAT? NO! Why would you ever want to do that? Next question!

  • WHAT DO I NEED FOR A PROPER TEA PARTY? Keep it simple yet tasty. A tea party is complete only with the addition of a beautiful British biscuit or if you feeling fancy go for the full afternoon tea, add cakes, sandwiches, scones, and jam! Combine it with lovely cups and saucers, a cake stand, a tablecloth and you will have it all! Many of our gift hampers at Give Gift Boutique come with all you will need to have a beautiful afternoon tea!

So there you have it, the do’s and don'ts over drinking tea like me.


Right, that was a long blog time for a cup of tea!


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