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Finding The Perfect Gift - Part 2

Finding The Perfect Gift - Part 2

posted: 2018-10-17 02:00:00 +0800



Every year we can spend a lot of time and effort hunting for the perfect gift for our friends or relatives on a special occasion. And I’m sure we all want to hear the response mentioned above What about you? Can you think of the best gift you ever had? While prepping this blog and sipping from my beautiful giraffe mug (that was gifted to me by a close friend) I had a good long think about the best gifts I had received. I thought back to being a kid and how all I ever wanted was a Tamagotchi, do you remember those?? I loved that thing, till it fell in the sink. I also think to some other gifts of beautiful clothing, lovely food, even money and yet I come back to my giraffe mug! I love this mug, it’s ugly as hell but I love it, why? It reminds me of the friends who bought it for me and all the good times we had and them laughing a lot when they gave it to me. It makes me smile!

Giraffe Mug


Giving gifts makes us happy and if we pick the gift well the recipient will be happy too. How then can you pick the perfect present for your loved one? Welcome to the “Find The Perfect Gift Series - Part 2 - The Recipient’s Desires” WHAT DO THEY WANT? 

Thinking back to my Tamagotchi, I wanted one so badly that when my parents finally gave in and bought me one I was so excited and thanked them so much. It made me happy. That made me think, what we really want or desire has much to do with whether our friend or relative will cherish our gift or not. So Step 1, do some research. Talk to your friends and find out what they really want, if you're trying to keep it secret why not talk about what you want and see if they respond, ask their friends if they have said anything. An ancient proverb says “be quick to listen, slow to speak” So really listen when they talk, ask more questions and see what comes out! Try and incorporate it into your everyday speech this way it won’t seem obvious your hunting for gift ideas!

Once you know what they want you're in a much better position to begin hunting. At Give Gift Boutique in Hong Kong, we have found that a lot of people just want to relax after a busy day or week in the office. Does that describe your friend? If what they want is to relax why not help them by gifting one of our Skin Care and Spa Sets. We have some beautiful products imported from well-known brands such as Crabtree and Evelyn along with handmade body care products from Hydrea UK, who knows, it might just be exactly what they want!

Stay tuned for not only the latest news on our new spa products but also our next instalment in finding the perfect gift series -  “Find The Perfect Gift Series - Part 3- The Recipient’s Needs”

This is a Hong Kong GGB original 'Finding The Perfect Gift - Part 2' blogpost.
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Charlie, Editor

Our resident traveller! Charlie spends his time hunting the world for some of our newest gift ideas and enjoys traveling while doing it!     > more...

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