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Shopping Like the Queen at Fortnum and Mason

Shopping Like the Queen at Fortnum and Mason

posted: 2018-11-12 21:00:00 +0800

The British royal family is known the world over, they are icons for manners, grace poise and now with the younger generation even fashion! For us at Give Gift Boutique though we admire their choices in food! When people think of the royals eating, images of scones and jam on a perfectly manicured green lawn come to mind, along with a fine evening event garnished with lashing of champagne and truffles. Many of us would love a chance to join one of their exclusive events, sadly though the invitation to Buckingham Palace hasn’t come through just yet.

However, there is a way to enjoy the same culinary delights as they do, how? Shop where they shop. Enter Fortnum and Mason.


Many of you will know at Give Gift Boutique we love Fortnum and Mason but who are they and why do they make some of the best gifts to give to your relatives, friends, and clients in Hong Kong.


A Brief history…  The original Mr. Fortnum was a footman and served in the Royal House of Queen Anne, as a sideline he also made money as a grocer. With a keen eye for business, he convinced his Landlord, Mr. Mason, to be his associate and together in the year 1707 they opened a small shop in the St. James market in London. Mr. Fortnum grandson entered the service of Queen Charlotte and this affiliation led to an increase in business from the royalty, this relationship became stronger and stronger over the years as they provided more and more goods for the Royal Court. The built their reputation selling not only exotic and delicious foods and teas but also high-quality groceries which to this day they still supply. You can walk around the supermarket in the basement and still get your weekly shop.

Some Fortnum and Mason Facts:

FACT: The clock outside the building features tiny statutes of the original Mr. Fortnum and Mason who each our come out of their houses and bow to each other.

FACT: Fortnum and Mason are credited with creating the scotch egg! A delicacy now enjoyed by millions of people the world over.

FACT: during the Napoleonic wars Fortnum and Mason we’re tasked by Queen Victoria to send Beef tea to Florence Nightingale, sound yum!

Today Fortnum and Mason are synonymous with High-Quality gifts and beautiful edible treats. The excellent selection of delicious teas, their wide range of delectable treats and their pedigree as purveyors of the finest goods to the most Royal of customers cements their reputation as the high-class gift of choice to the British and many customers the world over.


As we said at the start of this blog, before we started drooling at the images of tasty goods, it’s unlikely we are going to be invited to HIGH Tea at Buckingham Palace or a champagne reception at Windsor castle, enjoying the fine treats supplied at these events though is in our grasp with a little help from Give Gift Boutique. One of our top gifts is our Fortnum and Mason hampers, a selection of fine truffles sparkling champagne served with some additional Fortnum and Mason delights. If your looking to treat your loved ones in Hong Kong with the most royal of treats look no further.

This is a Hong Kong GGB original 'Shopping Like the Queen at Fortnum and Mason' blogpost.
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blog written by: # Charlie (26)
Charlie, Editor

Our resident traveller! Charlie spends his time hunting the world for some of our newest gift ideas and enjoys traveling while doing it!     > more...

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