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Give Gift Boutique - "Not Sold Individually"/ gifts guide
Simple Rule: Products with puzzle logo are not sold individually, and must accompany core products(without the puzzle logo)

The above Simple Rule is the only essential point of this guide,customers can continue shopping, or learn more details below (including reason, more on Core products vs Add-on products, meaning of the logo, etc) .

Terms Core Products
(also called Standard Products)
"Not Sold Individually" Products
(also called Add-on Products)
Label None puzzle logo
Statistics 70% of all products 30% of all products
Description These products are core business of GGB, products can be purchased individually, and can choose delivery (add delivery fee) or self-pickup Cannot be purchased by itself. When purchase at least one Core Product, then can add as many "Not Sold Individually" products as you'd like.
Products include Flower Bouquets, Orchids, Flower Stands, Desktop Flower Decor, Plant Arrangements, Gourmet Hampers, Fruit baskets, Other gift sets or combo(Birthday, New Born, Christmas, Mid-Autumn, other festivals and themes), Fresh Cakes, Balloon Bundles, Graduation Teddies, Wines, Silvers and Charms, Figurines

- All catalogs under the left menu 3rd zone, namely "Catalog - All Year Floral Gifts" , "Catalog - All Year Gift Sets", and "Catalog - Seasonal Gifts"
Chocolate, Coffee, Tea, Food items, Health Supplement, Single Balloon, Plush and Dolls, Cards, Lifestyle items, etc

- All catalogs under the left menu 3rd zone, namely "Catalog - Add-on Items"

* Not Sold Individually catalogs (such as chocolate catalog) would also contain some higher valued gift set for individual sale, those would be without the logo as usual.

About /Not Sold Individually products

"Not Sold Individually" Items (also called Add-on gifts) are easy to identify, as they would have a next to the product photo in the catalog. "Not Sold Individually" products include most chocolate, packaged food, single balloon, non-graduation teddies, makes up about 30% of products listed in store. 70% of our products are Core Products, including flower bouquets, gourmet hampers, orchids, flower stands, birthday combos. When purchasing Core Products, "Not Sold Individually" items can be added to the order, following being some common examples:

  • Flower Bouquets + Chocolate
  • Gourmet Hamper + Single Balloon
  • Birthday Combo + Champagne + Teddy Bear
  • Fresh Cake + Bird's Nest
  • Balloon Bundles + Handmade Card

Why do you carry "Not Sold Individually" Products

The "Not Sold Individually"/Add-on items (such as chocolate) are listed as a value adding service, as our previous customers constantly need us to deliver little items or additions to make their gift more complete, so we have listed the most popular ones for all customers. From the store's prospective, the "Not Sold Individually" products are usually lower in product value, and if were to be sold in our store on its own, would need to be priced way over the regular retail price, and against our shop principle, not to mention would send a wrong pricing message to our customers. The gold of Add-on items are there to make the GGB experience even more fitting to your specific occasion, and we would continue to research and introduce the best from the market, to have the best add-on items menu.

How about if I buy multiple Add-on items, over a certain amount?

The rule that "Not Sold Individually"/Add-on items must go with Core products still applies, so customers cannot have an order with only add-on items, no matter how many or the dollar amount. One way around is to also purchase a Core product such a flower bouquet or a bottle of wine. Another way around it is to add an empty gift basket - that is a new DIY hamper service we provide to customers starting in May 2015, for details please stay tuned.

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