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Why Send Gifts To Men


Man has different roles in everyday life, he can be a boyfriend, a husband, a brother or a staff; he can also be a son, a son-in -law or a boss. When a man plays various roles in his life, he can be tired and stressful, that being said “With great power, comes great responsibility”. Therefore, as family, friends and employers of the men, we can express our gratitude and respect to by sending gifts to men to make them more confident and face the future challenges with more strength.

Husband and Wife

maintain close relationship. Wives send gifts to husbands to show appreciation and acknowledge the fact that he is the head of the family as well as thanking him for his devotion to his family.

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Children and Father

cultivate intimate family bond. To give fathers festive gifts or birthday gifts to show him that as sons and daughters, you care about his welfare and want to look after him and let him know that even though you have grown up, you still have the love for him and are willing to pay back love for love.

Brothers and Sisters

develop the relationship among siblings. Most family members are away from home to pursue their dreams as they grow older, and this means they have less together and not so close as before. Sending gifts to each other is an act to stabilize the family bond and keep the warmest love.

Boss and Employees

encourage the staffs to work effectively. Man plays an important role in the work place, but sometimes they get disheartening because of pressure. Sending gifts to male employees is a sign to show your appreciation towards their work and to encourage them to continue working joyfully.

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Gift Giving…Because of…Love

More happiness in giving than in receiving To receive a gift is happy, but sending gifts to others makes you even more satisfied

Exclusive sentimental value Exhibition gift, team building gift, party gift, event gifting, forum gift, convention souvenir

Show gratitude Be bold to express your emotion, you will be a happier person if you say thank you and be grateful all the time

Express love and affection One flower, one world. A small gift can change the world.

Express appreciation Please do not hesitate to give praise and recognition to the deserving ones, because a word and a gift can make miracles.

The bridge to maintain good relationship It is not easy to form close relationship with others in this era of information explosion, so gift giving is such a bridge to strengthen the friendship.

Love is patient and kind. Love is not jealous. It does not brag, does not get puffed up, does not behave indecently, does not look for its own interests, does not become provoked. It does not keep account of the injury. It bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never fails.

Small Indoor Plants·Fresh Flower &
Plant·Succulent Plant Arrangement


Recently a kind of mini plant arrangement become popular among Hong Kong flower markets, flower art workshop as well as online flower stores. This plant gift has many names, including succulent in glass, mini houseplant, succulent terrarium ball kit, glass floral plant arrangement and so on. The mini plant table décor gained its popularity among garden lovers because it’s easy to make and care for. It also becomes one of the favorite gifts to give to men as birthday gifts mainly because of its stylish and chic appearance. However, the small size limits its function as gifts. Mini succulent in glass is only suitable as table decoration gifts or to be decorated in small space, it is not an ideal gift for occasions like grand opening as it’s not big or grand enough.
Hong Kong Give Gift Boutique Flower Gift shop launches the Green Plants n Bonsai collection, this includes the “plant+plant” miniature landscape with the plant combination which is easy to grow, long lasting and has good meanings, for example, Podocarpus, Malabar Chestnut and Money tree; there’s also a “flower+plant” miniature garden gift collection with greenery and flowers together like Phalaenopsis, Purple rose, Maidenhair and Fittonia. What is so special about this brand new healthy Bonsai collection?



The fresh flowers in the miniature landscape (Bonsai) is different from vase flower as they are not cut flowers but flowers that are grown in the pots and containers. Therefore, these flowers in the pot can last as long as 15 days or more, and after they wither, they can bloom again. As a gift to others, it is more durable and environmental friendly.

With this gift in hand, you can not only appreciate the colorful and
beautiful fresh flower, but also enjoy the greenery atmosphere.


Desk decoration gift for the office clerks

Small size Bonsai is easy to care for as it doesn’t require a lot of sunlight and temperature, also, water it once a week is okay; if you put it inside your house or office, it can help to absorb the harmful radiation and help to ease strained and tired eyes. It is definitely an affordable gift of health.

Grand opening gift for friends

A lot of large grand opening flower stand will be thrown away after a few days of display, but if you decide to use orchid or Bonsai as the grand opening flower arrangement to place in the reception, meeting room or shop entrance, you tend to have them last for a longer time for as long as a couple months, so it is a gift to be remembered.

Birthday gift to men

The traditional gifting pattern is men send gifts to women, it is rarely done the other way round. In fact, sending men a pot of beautifully crafted Bonsai gift can make them feel loved and respect, it is also a unique boyfriend birthday gift.

Special event classic gifts

On occasions like wedding ceremony, newborn baby shower party, graduation ceremony and anniversary, a flower Bonsai gift can create long lasting good memories and it is less expensive than a single flower bouquet- a classic gift for the unforgettable moments.

When you think about buying gifts for men, remember not to buy gifts full of sentiment if you don’t want them to misinterpret your emotions.

A simple set of stationary and wine gift hamper is not only practical but also a signature for men with good taste.

Sending normal or common gifts like drinks, chips or chocolate to men is not recommended.

A high-end tea gift set or Nespresso Pixie collection coffee capsule machine is the exclusive selection for men gifts.

Avoid sending too colorful men gifts but send gifts with more mature colors like black, white and brown as well as leather gifts.

A man spa gift basket or blue rose birthday gift can showcase the men charm of the recipients.

Select a gift with memories of the two of you as you will remember and cherish it for many years

A customized corporate gift can bring valuable memory that last forever

If men have their favorite gifts in mind but we send them something different and more expensive just to please him, he will not be happy because his ideas are not recognized and respected, so this sort of gift is rather not appealing.

Listen to men’s voice and choose the right gifts. A blue preserved flower photo frame or eye massager will do the right job.


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