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Administrative Professionals Day: An Opportunity to Say Thank You

Administrative Professionals Day: An Opportunity to Say Thank You

posted: 2022-04-27 17:00:00 +0800

Before there was an Administrative Professionals Day, there was a National Secretaries Day, created in 1952, USA. In 1955, it was officially the last full week of April and the Wednesday of that week was marked as Administrative Professionals Day. The initial goal is to celebrate and recognize all the hard work administrative professionals do, to support their personal development, and to attract potential workers to the administrative field.

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In 1981, the name was changed to Professional Secretaries Week and in 2000, it became Administrative Professionals Week in order to include a wider range of responsibilities and job titles of administrative staff in the modern economy, such as secretary, administrative assistant, human resources administrator, receptionist, and so on. Although it is not a public holiday in Hong Kong, administrative professionals tend to be given cards, flowers or chocolates from their seniors. Additionally, some restaurants will offer administrative-professional-exclusive discounts on this day in Hong Kong as well.

Celebration and Recognition

When it comes to a festival with such a short history, no doubt that there aren’t any traditions for it. However, bosses can choose their own ways to say thank you to the people who work hard to keep the company running smoothly, like a day off, gifts, special happy hour, etc. In Singapore, people have the selection of “the Most Professional Secretary” once every two years. And there was a dramatic thing that happened in 1992. To celebrate Professional Secretaries Week, the American Women's Union for Equal Employment held a selection of “the Worst Boss of the Year” according to more than a hundred secretaries. And the director of a food supply and marketing center got the prize as his secretary was required to take over accounting work and wake him up every morning.