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Chinese New Year Gift Selections-  GGB adds joy and Holiday Spirit to Spring Festival

Chinese New Year Gift Selections- GGB adds joy and Holiday Spirit to Spring Festival

posted: 2023-01-05 23:10:00 +0800

It hits us that The Chinese New Year is only few days away and it’s about time to get CNY grocery and gifts done. Give Gift Boutique is one step ahead of you, festive gifts of CNY are well curated, as we continue to elaborate wonderful gift combination with various fruit and delicacy in our exciting and auspicious packaging to celebrate the New Year. You can breezily grab a gift and set out to visit your families, friends and colleagues accompanied by pleasant gifts. Let’s add more fun to the CNY!

Gift of Quality Lifestyle for mom & dad

Speaking of Chinese New Year visit, you first give gifts to your parents and siblings at the New Year’s Eve reunion dinner. Mom and Dad were overjoyed to see you, they serve tea and soup stewed to essence the moment you arrive. Soon they get busy with preparing the food for dinner while you are chatting. Brothers and sisters sit around the sofas, eating nuts and laughing happily. Children chase and scream. The warm and noisy family scene reminds you of your lovely childhood, family joy is the holiday spirit of CNY we ask for. You may have notice that your parents are getting older day by day, it’s considerate to buy them daily necessity of high quality and health boosting food, which are more practical than a packet of a large amount of money. You may buy them fluffy and soft polar fleece pyjamas, high-quality beddings, small & convenient household appliances that helps build healthy habit and portable stuffs that warm their hands in winter, possibly bringing a little convenience and comfort to their daily lives. Precious therapeutic food such as American ginseng, chicken essence, ganoderma lucidum tonic, cordyceps sinensis, swallow's nest and other herbal soup ingredient are also Chinese medicine. They can mildly supplement nutrition and improve health. Here’s a good idea ,you get to your parents' house a day or two earlier this year and take New Year flowers and potted tangerine with you. You help them do thorough house cleaning and decorate the house with joy and happiness.You enjoy quality family time while easing their job.

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Precious Dried Seafood for Family and Clients, Wishing Them Great Harvest in the new year

The luxurious dried seafood and rare mushroom gift set is delicious and valuable collection, so it is accepted as people’s favourite New Year's gift.  Luxurious seafood set upgrades your gift and show strong sincerity and value to your relatives and clients.

The tradition way to cook dried food is stewing. But if you cook several different kinds of dried food at the same time, you will need many stoves and pots which is not usually available for home cooking. When you well displayed and served them one by one, the rich collagen of them cools very soon and become jelly, discounting the taste. Therefore, a basin feast have been welcomed by everyone in recent year. The heating basin not only keeps the ingredients warm during meal, but also allow the host who cooks to enjoy food with the guests, reducing the frequency of leaving to process food at meal. The first layer is paved with dried treasure including abalone, sea cucumber, oyster,fish maw column, big scallops and mushrooms which are stewed with flavor in advanced. The second layer lies in order the salted & boil chicken, braised goose, stewed pig's hand with hair-like seaweed, crispy grilled pork, pace pad, prawns, dried sausage and seasoned dried pork and fish maw slices. The third layer is finished with broccoli, arrowhead mushroom, bamboo fungus, baby cabbage, fried tendons& pork skin and taro to absorb the juice. Finally, thick soup stewed with hens, pig spine and ham pours and submerge the ingredients. Each ingredient is well cooked with stewing, boiling, sauteing, braising, frying,and quick cooling respectively for the best taste before they enter the basin. Subtle chewy texture and sweetness of dried food, underlain by sauce and meat gravy and finish with fresh vegetables bottom, each taste integrate and react in the basin. A basin dish is condensed with great taste and cooking techniques, implying wealth and sweet life, definitely hospitable treat.

Must-get gifts for New Year Visit, Bonding With Your Family and Friends by Giving and Receiving Gifts

In addition to consecutive banquets and feasts, all kinds of fried snacks, fresh fruits, desserts and nuts handy and the leisure of holiday make us feel happy from the bottom of our hearts. Traditional fried snacks include fried dumplings, crisps made of dough and egg yolk, fried spring rolls and laughing ball. The rolling hot oil and the bulgy stuffing of fried snack signify springing in fortune and wealth fully-loading. However, few Hong Kong families still fried snacks at home and generally they buy small quantities in the bakery because fried food consumption is considered unhealthy and it easily gets damp and soft, accompanied by too much of cooking oil waste when it’s produced. Meanwhile fruits, cookies and nuts, with good taste and colorful packaging, become the classic CNY gift selection. When selecting fruit, you should pick the kind with auspicious implication, and also check the appearance whether it is fresh and beautiful. Apple means peace and safety, grapefruit means sweet life, orange says great luck, grapes and the strawberries symbolize fruitful prospect. A hamper of fresh fruit carries blessing of vitality and health. The host refills the candy box with melon seeds, pistachios, macadamia, pine nuts given to them and share nice cookies, egg rolls and chocolates with guests. Not only guests bring gifts but also and the host give gifts in return. Relationship is better maintained by giving and receiving and more importantly often gathering together.

GGB New Year Gift Recommendation

To get the best looking Chinese New Year flowers and potted tangerine, you have to travel through the flower market and compare one another. When you have the perfect target ,you carry them home, wash them, cut it to ideal length and remove the surplus leaves. Finally shape it and search for the best location to place it. It sure takes a lot of labor. Let GGB do the heavy lifting, our florist carefully select nice flowers and potted tangerine at the dealers’. They are festive and in stylish shape when they arrive at your door. GGB provide New Year potted tangerine with mature and big fruit for you and carefully decorate with the Chinese New Year symbolic ornaments. The golden round pot yields good fortune. This auspicious pot tangerine is a great gift to send others and for your own use, surely will incur prosperity for the new year.

New year citrus plant

The Chinese New Year is the most important festival to outreaching clients, with the highest gift budget through the year. Well-known brands and luxury gifts shows more sincerity for important clients. Eight Happiness Dried Seafood Luxury Hamper contains eight signature dried food of treasure which is considered most respectful gesture. Dried seafood is carefully picked by professionals, in festive and Chinese classic packaging. Sincerity and concern will be well presented by this gift.