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ESG Enviro-Social Xmas Gift Hampers: Environmental Protection & Fair Trade

ESG Enviro-Social Xmas Gift Hampers: Environmental Protection & Fair Trade

posted: 2022-12-03 23:00:00 +0800

Give Gift Boutique supports the protection of the earth's ecology with practical actions, and launched ESG Enviro-Social Xmas Gift Hampers to promote evironmental protection and support community development. Gaining increasing attention in recent years, ESG is an investment concept and corporate evaluation standard, which refers to Environmental, Social, and Governance. As the impact of climate change, environmental pollution, and epidemics on the economy intensify, more and more investors attach importance to ESG, and they believe that companies with high ESG rankings tend to lay more emphasis on environmental protection, so these companies should have a good reputation, actively undertake social responsibilities, and are committed to the sustainable development of the Earth.

Xmas ESG Social Enterprise Hamper

GGB selected fair trade certificated food perfect for family and friends to share on Christmas and exquisite products made by disadvantaged groups to support them to improve their working ability and realize their life value. In addition, GGB especially uses paper products with FSC(Forest Stewardship Council) certification labels and BOPP degradable film to protect the earth’s ecology.

Fair Trade

Fair Trade is committed to improving the livelihood of farmers and workers by giving fair returns to economically disadvantaged producers, offering safe and healthy working conditions while promoting environmentally friendly planting modes, and sustainable environmental practices.

With the FAIRTRADE label, customers can distinguish Fair Trade products from others. Most of the certified products are agricultural products, and the packaging should clearly states the certified raw materials and the percentage used, as the fair trade raw materials shall not be less than 20% of the total weight of the product. In addition to the producers of these products needing to meet the certification standards, these brands (traders) also need to give producers a fair and reasonable price according to Fair Trade Minimum Price established by Fairtrade International. Besides, they should provide Fairtrade Premium to help producers improve their local communities. Traders also need to pay label usage fees to Fairtrade International based on 0.5-1% of their annual transaction value.

The fair trade products selected by GGB not only meet the fair trade certification standards and have the FAIRTRADE label, but also continue the style of GGB Christmas gift basket: healthy, delicious and sharing. Fairtrade products are prohibited to use harmful agricultural chemicals to avoid harm to the health of producers and consumers. And the delicious food selected by GGB with Christmas packaging is perfect for giving to friends, employees and partners, such as Fairtaste organic coffee ground, Galler fair trade chocolate bars, CTM Altercato fair trade organic mix seeds, and fair trade jam, chocolate powder, tea bags from the famous British brands Marks&Spencer.

Social Enterprise

There are hundreds of social enterprise projects in Hong Kong, which are dedicated to achieving specific goals and promoting the progress and harmony of Hong Kong society, such as providing employment and training opportunities for disadvantaged groups, promoting environment-friendly life, providing services for the elderly, and inheriting Hong Kong culture. GGB cooperates with many social enterprises, selects delicious products made by disadvantaged people for GGB Christmas gift hampers, supports their employment with practical actions, helps them grow in their work, gains more work experience, and has the ability to live independently.

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