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Gifts for health protection and work from home comfort

Gifts for health protection and work from home comfort

posted: 2022-07-29 23:00:00 +0800

The repeatedly pandemic outbreaks disrupted our life and work pace. As the work from home mode begins, people don't have to commute to and from work daily and work with more flexibility. It's important to take good health protection and perform self test for covid-19 on a regular basis. On the other hand, people should adjust and adapt themselves both mentally and physically for the new working mode .Give Gift Boutique prepares the catalogue specially attending to the need of work from home & health care , you can send the regards and support along a WFH care gift hamper to your relatives, dear friends and colleagues and get them well prepared. Enterprises can include WFH care hamper as employee welfare, presenting health protection and employee care.

Health protection & personal hygiene  

Wear masks correctly

Wearing a mask is the acknowledged effective way to prevent infection of covid-19 . When you  fetch an express delivery, or shopping in the mall and go to crowded places, don’t forget to wear a mask to protect yourself. Because the virus particles are quite small, ordinary cotton masks will allow it to pass through. You need to take a look at the filtering efficiency when you buy masks.

The Korean made hot-selling KF 94 mask obtains great feedback from the market. It effectively blocks about 94% or more fine particles whose size is about 0.4 microns or less. That is to say ,it will protect you from the virus. This mask is specially tailored with multi-piece three-dimensional structure, which perfectly fits the face contour and relieve the discomfort from ear pulling after  long-time wear. The special structure also prevents virus from sneaking in from the jaw and sides of the face, meanwhile providing an easy breathing experience. With the 3D face mask ,you can always wear the mask on the right side.

Korea KF94 Mask x 5

It's necessary to sanitize your hands before you put the mask on and after you take it off. You can share a quality imported mask pack with your employees ,families and friends and also the easy breathing experience with soft texture. You look out for each other and think of them when you find something nice.

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Foster a good habit of hand washing

The pandemic prevention requires more frequent hand washing. You should clean your hands thoroughly after contact with public environment and refrigerated item. When washing your hands ,you need to cover your hands with soap foam and rinse it with running clean water for at least 20 seconds. Clean water source may not be available outdoors, you can take a no-rinse hand sanitizer containing 60% alcohol with you ,which also can effectively remove germs and viruses. The Sanitizer and Protection hamper is especially suitable for outdoor sport enthusiasts and families with children. Take a sanitizer wherever they go and apply it after riding the elevator or touching the door knobs and any time. Young children enjoy taking snacks on the way .Make sure their hands are clean before they put their little fingers in the mouth.

WFH Virus Protect & Antigen Rapid Test Gift Box AN15

Regular covid-19 self test

Regular self test for covid-19 is a more insured way to detect the infection as soon as possible and reduce the harm of infection. To cope with the pandemic, we should develop a habit of self test on a regular basis. It’s suggested for you and other family members to take a self test before you go to public places (schools, churches, hospitals and parks ,etc.) for the sake of disease control. You may find covid-19 self test tools in the market, which is able to accurately recognize virus antigens in the early stage of infection.

YHLO Covid-19 antigen rapid test kit was acknowledged in the list of covid-19 self test agents recommended by the Hong Kong government. This product has obtained the EU CE certificate both professional and self test, covid-19 antigen common list of European Commission , registration certificate of Italian Ministry of Health, the registration certificate of Germany federal institute for drugs and medical devices, common list of covid-19 antigen self test from ANSM (France). YHLO is also an organizer of the community test center authorized by Hongkong government, it’s reliable and trustworthy.

Applicable for the daily self test and for people who have been to high-risk areas, and people who have no symptoms but worry about infection, or asymptomatic infected people. You can find the full range of covid-19 self test tools on our WFH catalogue. We provide various imported test tools on demand with the original package and handle speed delivery to most regions in Hong Kong. Bulk order of antigen rapid self test tools are also available. We welcome inquiries and orders from enterprises, institutions and groups.