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Christmas Gift List

Christmas Gift List

by Julie
posted: 2018-11-28 17:20:00 +0800

Christmas has always been popular with Hong Kong people and people have high expectations for Christmas gifts. Gifts are an essential part of Christmas. As an editor of GGB florist, I believe that Christmas gift giving should base on the following three principles.

Principle 1. Choose Gifts According to the Recipients

1. Christmas gifts for parents. Since Christmas falls in the cold winter, it is a great gift idea to send some gifts that can warm your parents’ heart. For example: warm clothing, relax-comfort gifts, nutritional supplements, health-care products, etc.

2. Recommended Christmas Gift for Girlfriend/Boyfriend. Lovers have the closest relationship, and during the romantic Christmas season, sending roses, cakes, champagne and unique jewelry can strengthen the relationship even more.

3. Christmas Gifts for Colleagues. Colleagues are our helpful partners at work, so we will send our colleagues surprise Christmas gifts like office snacks as a small token of appreciation, this kind of holiday gift can add festive atmosphere as well as expressing gratitude to our co-workers.

4. Christmas Gifts for Business. For business reasons, companies tend to send corporate gifts to each other in various festivals to express greetings and maintain good business relationship with clients and partners. We may choose to send high-quality and thoughtful business gift hampers to show sincerity.

Principle 2. Choose gifts that are more creative and less out-dated

Shopping nowadays has become easier than ever, and people begin to have more requirements of the products because of the higher living standards. Therefore, when giving gifts, we should consider the quality and the creativity of them; the creative gifts can help the recipients fully feel your love and care. Because the creativity of a gift is generally shown in its outer appearance, so the design and packaging are the crucial parts.

Principle 3. Detail-oriented Christmas gift packaging

The packaging of Christmas gift box is especially important, and the beautiful Christmas gift box arouses people’s desires to open the gifts. If it is a Christmas gift for children, there should be more Christmas decorations; if it’s a business gift basket, formal and decent should be the main features to focus on, in order to showcase the maturity and stability of the company.

With these three principles in mind, we can easily find the best gifts. So what Christmas gifts are recommended by Give Gift Boutique Florist?

1, Chocolate

Chocolate is a kind of dessert that can be made into a variety shapes and looks. There are also many chocolate gift boxes on the market which come with high-end packaging. Chocolate gift is suitable for almost anyone, no violations and no embarrassment. Recommended brands: Godiva Chocolate, Japanese Mary Chocolate, Hong Kong Peninsula Hotel Chocolate, Lindt Chocolate.

2, Coffee

Modern people are living in times of distress, so a lot of us like to have a cup of coffee to reduce pressure and refresh ourselves. Drinking coffee has become a way of lifestyle. Coffee gift is suitable for friends and colleagues, but only if they had the habit of drinking coffee.

Recommended brands: Illy coffee, UCC coffee, Agnes b coffee.

3. Red Wine

Red wine is suitable for the business partners at work. However, if you plan to send red wine as gifts, you need to make sure you pick the genuine ones. As not everybody knows red wine very well, sending a bad quality red wine can ruin your reputation and lead to gift-giving failure although it’s not your intention at all. Therefore, we recommend you to choose the branded products.

Recommended brands: Château La Bourguette, Louis Latour Pouilly Fuisse, French AOC Chateau Campot Lafont 2015 red wine.

4. Tea

Tea is suitable for elders and colleagues who care about their health and understand tea savoring. However, there are many grades of tea, different price ranges and different quality of tea and the brand is also very important.

Recommended brand: Ceylon black tea

5. Gourmet Gift Hampers

Snack gift baskets are suitable for families. If you only send someone a bag of snack as gift, it will be a bit mean. Therefore, the best thing to do is to send a Gourmet Gift Hamper, which includes all the holiday snacks for the recipient to share with families. Of course, if the packaging contains some Christmas elements, it’ll be best to express your festive greetings and best wishes.

Recommended brands: French Mon Village, European imported pretzel, Belgian Maitre Truffout, Melbon shell soft chocolate, British Yorkshire Convivial special potato chips, imported baking cake.

6. Relax, Comfort, and Lifestyle Gifts

Stress relief gifts are great gifts for the single ones, as he or she might be stressful at work, and you want to show him or her that you care, especially on Christmas. The Relax, Comfort, and Lifestyle Gifts are suitable for him or her as Christmas gifts.

Recommended brands: Australia, Wheatbags Love handmade Eye Pillow, aroma and bath combination; Aroma Diffuser CAORU POT TUTU; Fresh delina coconut natural bath set.

Gift-giving is closely related to mankind’s life and work, sending gifts on holidays is a universal etiquette throughout the world. The festival exists as a form of culture, and holiday gifting has become a profound knowledge. Gift-giving should include putting yourself in people’s shoes to feel their needs and wants, so that the gift recipient feels your thoughtfulness and is happier.




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