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Seasonal Flower Guide: Summer

Seasonal Flower Guide: Summer

posted: 2021-05-21 17:30:00 +0800

Seasonal Flower Guide: Summer

“To see the world in a grain of sand

and heaven in a wildflower,

hold infinity in the palm of your hand

and eternity in an hour.”

- William Blake

Summer is inching closer and closer and if you’re a flower lover it’s one of the best times of the year. If you’re looking for summer flowers to decorate your home with, flowers that grow best during the summer, have the best blooms, or flowers that best represent summer, you’ve come to the right place. From sunflowers and roses to marigolds and lilies, Give Gift Boutique Hong Kong has the perfect flower guide for summer.

Flowers that Bloom in Summer

Looking for flowers that will brighten your home garden or patio during the summer months? Check out these stunning summer flowers.


Begonias are a flower that thrives in subtropical environments like Hong Kong. They love humidity and prefer soil that is moist but not soaking. They are colourful and come in over a thousand different varieties, some with colourful leaves and others with beautiful coloured blooms. Begonias also make ideal ornamental house plants making them a good selection for your home if you’re trying to keep summer vibes all year round.  


Lilies are late spring and summer-blooming flowers that are many gardener’s favourites. These perennial flowers grow into large and fragrant flowers that come in a variety of shades and species. The Stargazer lily is popular among gardeners and florists for its striking features.

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Morning Glory

Morning Glory’s, true to their name, this beauty opens into full bloom only during early summer mornings. Morning Glory’s are a fast-growing vine flower that can bloom until autumn. These flowers are ideal for providing shade for other flowers and bloom in a variety of wonderful summer colours.

Shasta daisy

These sun-loving blooms are a perfect addition to a cheery summer garden. This traditional looking daisy can cover large areas, thrive in the sun, and tolerate a wide range of soils, making them an easy addition to any garden.


Geraniums are a reliable summer garden flower with beautiful blooms. There are more than 400 species of geraniums to choose from that come in lovely shades of pink, blue, purple, and white, often with a distinct veined appearance.


Petunias are the perfect patio or ornamental summer flowers for Hong Kong. These beauties grow in nearly every shade and will continue to bloom all summer with proper care. They love full sun areas and tolerate a variety of soils as long as its well-draining.

Calla Lily

While not technically a real lily, this elegant flower blooms well in summer gardens as well as a houseplant.  It is a perennial flower that blooms from summer to fall and grows in a variety of colours. Its delicate and elegant appearance adds a refined look to any summer patio, picnic, or BBQ.

Pure Intentions Bouquet

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Another popular sub-tropical and tropical flower, you’ll find hibiscus blooms on bushes and hedges all across Hong Kong. These hardy and sun-loving flowers often attract butterflies making them popular in resident gardens and businesses.

Flowers that Represent Summer and Their Meanings

Some flowers are synonymous with summer and everything it symbolises. If you want to fill your home or garden with the epitome of summer check out these perfect summer flowers.


The aster is a daisy with a wildflower-like appearance that represents devotion, faith, wisdom, and even royalty with its purple hues. While this flower has a long bloom life, its best blooms are during the summer. The name aster derives from the Greek name for the star, which is an apt name for this star of summer.


Peonies are the symbol of good fortune and happy marriages which is why these flowers are often prominent in summer wedding arrangements. While the blooming period for these flowers is short, they bloom in the late spring to early summer and symbolise the short fleeting nature of the seasons.