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The Advantages of Preserved Flowers

The Advantages of Preserved Flowers

posted: 2020-07-09 12:00:00 +0800

Fresh flowers have fantastic colour and fragrance but ultimately have a short life span. While there are ways to help make fresh flowers last longer they can still only be enjoyed for a short amount of time in that state. If you want a gift that lasts or a piece of flower décor to keep in your home for an extended period of time then it’s time you looked into professionally preserved flowers. You may have tried to dry your own flowers after they’ve past their expiry date but when flowers are professionally preserved, not only to do they last longer, but they substantially maintain their shape, colour, and appearance, looking as perfect as they did in fresh full bloom. Still not convinced? The florist at Give Gift Boutique Hong Kong are going to show you all the advantages of preserved flowers for your next flower purchase.

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Better Than Dried Flowers

preserved flower box
A secret garden preserved flower box with roses, hydrangea, cotton, and moss.

While drying your flowers is one way to keep your flowers around longer the problem is that dried flowers quickly fall apart. Professionally preserved flowers are created with a water-glycerin solution that keeps them looking fresh and are much more resilient than dried flowers.

Low Maintenance

preserved flower photo frame
A preserved flower photo frame. Flowers include coloured roses, jasmine, and hydrangea.

Since the flowers are preserved they don’t require water or light making them the ideal hassle free home and office décor.

Last a Long Time