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What’s So Special About Cova Cakes?

What’s So Special About Cova Cakes?

posted: 2021-06-07 15:00:00 +0800

Cova cakes and pastries have a longstanding reputation for quality and taste but where did these delicious cakes originate and how did they find their way to international fame? You can find Cova cakes in various locations all over the world, including right here in Hong Kong. Give Gift Boutique Hong Kong has all you ever wanted to know about the scrumptious Cova cakes we’ve all come to love and adore.

COVA - Tiramisu cake


Caffè-Pasticceria Cova opened in 1817 in Milan, Italy by a man named Antonio Cova, a Napoleonic solider. Caffè Cova is one of Italy’s oldest known pastry shops, delicatessens or coffeehouses. The café has always been known for its food quality, service, and impeccable, elegant interiors. The café quickly became a prominent meeting place for members of high society and a rendezvous for patriots of the Risorgimento, supporters of Italian unification. The café then played a pivotal in the Five Days of Milan revolutionary event that took place in 1848 that would eventually bring about the expulsions of the Austrians from Italy.  

During WWII, Cova and surrounding established businesses were severely affected by the 1943 bombings of Milan, which is what prompted the café to move to the north-eastern part of the city, Montenapoleone, in 1950. Since that time, the café is still known to attract members from the upper classes of society, such as Giuseppe Verdi to Ernst Hemingway.

Beginning in the 1990s, Cova began to open franchises in Asia, most notably, its Hong Kong location in 1993. The café joined the Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton (LVMH) Group in 2013, and now has locations in Shanghai, Beijing, Taiwan, Monte Carlo, Tokyo, Dubai and more.

Hong Kong alone has 13 different outlets bringing the same taste, quality, and prestige, from its main Italy location to its customers in Hong Kong.

Cova Cakes

Cova cakes are unique not only for their history and taste but for the elegance and luxury they can bring to everyday occasions. Cova cakes are prepared using prized heritage recipes that have been a part of the Cova legacy for generations. Cova cakes are also made using only the finest quality ingredients, such as Italian flour, farm eggs, and fresh milk and fruit from around the world. No matter, where you purchase your Cova cake you can be assured that you will be getting the unique Italian taste and quality that Cova cakes have become known for worldwide.