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Year of the Tiger Blessing Messages

Year of the Tiger Blessing Messages

posted: 2022-01-27 17:00:00 +0800

Chinese New Year is coming! Are you still worrying about how to send a blessing message to your Chinese friends? This article will show you some traditional and creative wishes that you can send to your friends or write on greeting cards.

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Year of the Tiger

This year is the Year of the Tiger and tiger represents bravery, strength and power in Chinese, so there are so many well wishes including “tiger”(虎) and they are perfect for greeting cards or congratulations face to face during the Spring Festival.

CNY Gift Hamper

Four-Word Blessings

龍騰虎躍 - Dragon soaring and Tiger leaping(Wish you prosperous and thriving in new year)

虎虎生威 - Wishing you fullness of the vigor and vitality of the tiger.

虎嘯祥瑞 - good luck

將門虎子 - a talented father will raise a talented son

如虎添翼 - like a tiger have wings, means competent people get stronger with help.

龍吟虎嘯 - dragons and tigers roar, normally used for congratulations on starting a business successfully

Eight-Word Blessings

龍吟國瑞,虎嘯年豐-Peace and Wealth

虎步龍驤,鵬飛鯤擊-May your career take off!

金虎賀歲,喜從天降-Best wishes and happiness throughout the New Year.

牛辭勝歲,虎躍新程-Out with the old, in with the new!

Ten-Word Blessings

The following sentences are from Chinese poems and each line can be used separately, meaning happiness and prosperity.





Fourteen-Word Blessings

These ones are similar to the last part only in 14 words not 10 words and are common on the Spring Festival couplets.