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Guideline of picking the right gift for staff, specially for HR/Secretary/Boss

Guideline of picking the right gift for staff, specially for HR/Secretary/Boss

posted: 2022-06-12 23:00:00 +0800

Material benefit is a key element of employee welfare.The various forms and activities of welfare can build active working atmosphere and motivate the employees .To present gifts as welfare activity is a great idea and easier way to perform .You don’t have to consider of the time and location nor the schedule of participant and the overall budget is more pleasant. Preparing gift instead of simple financial bonus is more tangible and surprising.You may also wonder when is the best time to present a gift to an employee and what to mind when choosing the right gift.

Here we prepare a guideline of gift selections for employee. this may help ease your workload.

Birthday gift for staff

Birthday is the most important date one was born.Not matter you are a grown-up or a child,birthday always brings special feeling and good mood to you.The company can prepare cake and desserts at tea time ,and birthday present to celebrate.

Company treasures employees,as human resources is key asset to the prosperous development of business.None of development could happen without hard working and dedication of employees.Company hopes to keep the excellent personnel asset,it can make employees feel belonged by organizing creative employee welfare activities. Imagine this,on an employee’s birthday,when sitting at the desk at work or taking a vacation at home ,he receives a gift from the company.He gently unwraps the transparent package and curiously check what is inside.Kind regards of the company is presented. A corporate gift can enhance the connection of company and the employee.After all ,employees spend 1/3 time of a work day in the office,which means he may spend more time with colleague than family. Preparing gift for employees and engaging in his personal life in an appropriate way ,makes the work place another home.

You may choose fresh fruit with fine wine as a gift ,classic choice never gets old.It perfectly fits the pursuit of slim body figure.The diverse kinds of fresh fruit is suitable to consume at leisure or before meal,which provide nutrition and energy.You don’t have to worry about the calories.It’s also a great gift to share.At the birthday celebration with friends and family ,along with tasty food and wine ,you have such quality time.

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Elegant Fruits Hamper

Holiday celebration gift for staff

Holiday celebration plays an important roll in the culture establishment of a company.The celebration is also considered material benefit which employees care so much about.Benefits on this part has become a competition field,company provides banquet at fancy restaurants,organizes lots of entertainment and outdoor activity to celebrate the holiday,taking this a great opportunity to bond with employees.On the other hand, holiday gifts will be sent to each employee with kind regards from the company ,thanking them for the dedication to the business.Employees posts their celebration with family and friends on social website ,including photo taken when holding the holiday celebration gift from company.Who has got nicer gifts,who has more items, and  whose gift is more interesting and eye catching ,they are secretly competing in the friends group.

As for selection of holiday gift ,it should be related to the holiday tradition , be nicely packed.Different kinds of food and gift better be included .Preferably ,items should be natural and healthy with suitable taste for the majority.Practical item is better choice and don’t forget about the budget. Brain storm of gift selection always puts the HR and staff in charge in a difficult position.Give gift boutique covers your back,with our professional gift giving service ,you can finish this assignment with simple mouse clicks.We considerately propose gift project targeting different holidays,both traditional and new-trend,local and foreign. In the holiday project catalogue ,you may find food and boutiques related to the holiday’s story and custom ,nicely packed in to a assorted hamper along with many preferable fresh fruit and desserts.The package of holiday gift is designed based on the feature and icon of each holiday. Item in the hamper is professionally selected and carefully checked before they are placed in the gift package.We take care of the whole gift giving process from gift preparation to delivery, which can raise at most 20% of HR’s efficiency.

Promotion gift for staff

Promotion deserves celebration for both the employee and enterprise.It not only proves the progress an employee makes, but brings extra support to the business and introduce new thoughts to the management.Taken business purpose into thorough consideration ,We established gift product line for promotion. We select high-grade gifts and pack them in a hamper, helping interpret to the employee the expectation and acknowledgement from company as well as the best wish for his next great improvement in the future.

Performance awarding gift

The great improvement of an employer on his career path can not happen without the continuous support and encouragement from the company.The company awards employee for his outstanding performance, acknowledges of his achievement by stage and commends his creative solutions .The awarding gift sets up a good example.Employee who receives awards from company understands that his work is valued and he makes a difference.He will acquire more sense of achievement in the future work.

Delicately-shaped pot flowers and plants are good choices as awarding gifts.Tulips are adored by many people ,they are colorful and the high saturated color creates optimistic energy.They have chubby bud ,the outline is clean and smooth,added with soothing slight fragrance.Whether placed at home or on a working desk ,this beautiful flower can definitely bring lively atmosphere to the space.When you look at its tender yet stretching petals, strong and straight stem,the dynamic flower placed in a clear vase which contains freshly changed clean water, the lamp above head reflects different light through the vase,you feel relaxing and cheerful as if boredom and stress are cast away.

Some company hosts a meeting to appreciate the great contribution of an employee to the business.When you customized business gift ,it’s better to select items with high quality.It can be fashionable boutiques,flower bouquets, brand bakery dessert ,luxury food ,imported fresh fruit worldwide and fine wine, you wrapped gift nicely into a hamper and deliver the combo hamper to hand on the spot.The ceremony becomes more official.