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2023 Hong Kong Festival Calendar and Gift Recommendation

2023 Hong Kong Festival Calendar and Gift Recommendation

posted: 2022-12-29 22:00:00 +0800


January 1, The New Year's day

The New Year's day is the first day of Western calendar and also a legal holiday in most countries. At the night before the new year's day, citizens gather at the shopping malls and landmark buildings to count down for the coming year. Fireworks will be set from the main buildings at the bank of the Victoria Harbour.

Gift guide for the New Year's day: We recommend fresh cake and snack hampers, wine hampers and fresh fruit hampers as New Year’s day gifts for friends gathering, attending parties, clients and colleagues, so that the recipients can enjoy nice food with their families.

January 22, The Chinese New Year

The Chinese New Year is also known as Spring Festival. At this most important festival for Hong Kong people, family members reunite to celebrate the new year. Spring Festival is full of joy where one celebration is followed by another: House Cleaning Day on the 28th Dec of lunar calendar, people post lucky signs and couplets after they finish cleaning. The next day, on 29th Dec, family members banquet together at dinner. On the New Year's Day, people worship gods early in the morning at temples and hand out lucky money in packets. After that, they start visiting their families till the end of Spring Festival. On day five of the New Year, people perform religious rituals to greet the god of wealth. Day seven is everyone’s birthday, people dine out with their families and share a birthday cake. The traditional snack and main course of the Spring Festival carry good wishes and have similar sound to fortunate phrases. Foods most familiar to us include: House Full of Gold and Silver(fried dough desserts and fried dumplings), Lots of Laughter in the Family (pistachios/melon seeds), Sweet home(sugar frosting wax gourd&lotus seed&carrot), lots of deposit every year(meat and fish feast),Good Fortune and Prosperous Market(stewed hair-like seaweed and dried oyster and pig legs), Quality Lifestyle(rare mushroom and luxurious dried seafood), Good Luck(tangerine and other auspicious fruit).

Gift guide for the Chinese New Year:Dried seafood & rare mushroom gift box,wine & nut hamper, Chinese New year ‘s cakes and desserts, orchids and pot tangerine.


February 14, Valentine's Day

Both married couple and couples enthusiastic in love could use a little romance. Send sweet gifts to the company, collect your beloved one after work, elaborately reserve a lovely table and resort hotel, and relive the intimate moment when there were just two of you. What a surprise and unforgettable memory to receive a bouquet and chocolate gift box on Valentine’s day that says Be my Valentine from someone you have feelings for.

Gift guide for Valentine’s Day:Love chocolate box, red rose bouquet, jewelry, perfume, anniversary bear, video game device, earphone and shirt of couple style

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Italy rose 99 bouquet RD26


March 8, International Women's Day

Women's Day appeals care for women and to thank mothers who take good care of their families, to encourage working mom who manage their families and careers, and acclaim for women who act strong and perform professionalism in their fields.

Gift guide for Women's Day: Company can express their care for female employees by customizing Women's Day gifts. Body care products, massage machines, health boosting products and flower bouquets are popular with women.


April 9, Easter

Easter is a a public holiday and a religious festival in memory of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Traditional activities including decorating the house with bunnies ornaments, dressing up in bunny costumes, egg painting and egg hunt are playful for family gathering and parent-child interaction.

Gift guide for Easter: Colorful chocolate eggs of all flavors, chocolate rabbits, candy toy for children and ham platter, foie gras, tea gift boxes and gifts with rabbit print for adults.

April 21, Eid Prayers

Eid prayers celebrates the achievement of fasting and abstinence. Muslims bathe and cleanse themselves, visit relatives and fellow villagers, and enjoy a feast on the day of Eid Prayers. Jordan, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Palestine, India, Morocco, Nigeria, Indonesia and other Asian, Southeast Asian and African countries have Eid Prayer where some companies send clients gifts before Eid Prayer to promote good cooperation and will also pay year-end bonuses to employees. If you have Muslim clients and employees, you could prepare Eid Prayer gifts for them. Muslims will be so pleased to receive a care hamper after a long time of fasting and abstinence. Traditional foods for Eid Prayers include: Date pies, banana and coconut milk desserts, fried dough snack, stewed chicken with coconut milk, a whole grilled sheep and pilaf.

Gift guide for Eid prayers: Scented bath soap, tea set and tea gift box, freshly-baked desserts,  preserved fruit pie, date cake and fruit juice

April 26, International Secretary's Day

On International Secretary's Day, supervisors and superiors thank their loyal and professional secretaries who coordinate work business. Some leaders grant secretaries a day off to affirm their contributions.

Gift guide for International Secretary's Day:Potted plants, soothing scented candles, cookie gift boxes, pens, boutique ornaments


May 14, Mother's Day

Mother's Day reminds us to care for mothers often in daily life. On Mother's Day, let’s prepare thoughtful gifts, write a thank you card, and prepare an abundant meal for your mother. Massage her shoulders, legs and feet. Your love and companion are the best gifts.

Gift guide for for Mother's Day: Exquisite flower bouquets, preserved flower music boxes, therapeutic and tonic food, soothing and relaxing household product

May 20, Internet Valentine’s Day

Gentlemen dress up and wait patiently downstairs for his dear woman, holding a flower bouquet and present in his hand. You may not know this holiday originates from Internet Valentine’s Day. Some compatible men and women get to know each other and fall in love through the Internet, they finally become a happily married couple. Men and women who have been dating online for a while hope that they have met the right person. May 20 encourages them to meet face to face eventually and know more about each other. It’s normal to feel nervous when you have an actual date with someone you meet on the internet. Appropriate dressing, polite behavior and a thoughtful gift helps to leave a good first impression.

Gift guide for Internet Valentine’s Day: Bouquets comprises of 11 roses,watches, couple bracelets, home-made cakes, travel souvenirs and products of common hobby


June 1, International Children's Day

International Children's Day means to protect the rights of children around the world and improve their living condition when it was first established. Children will have to face heavy study and busy work alone sooner or later. On Children's Day, parents could buy toys for children, take time out for meals and to play, and teach them an important lesson of leading a happy life.Good communication with children can be built by devoting dedicated parent-children bonding time and more companionship.

Gift guide for International Children's Day:Preserved organic fruit, doll, chocolate hot pot set, sportive video game

June 1, Father’s Day

Father’s love is more profound. He not only provides bread for the family, but also sets a model to shape children’s personality. On Father's Day, we can book fancy restaurants and prepare gifts to celebrate, thanking dad for his responsible parenting.  It’s also appropriate to send gifts to our uncles, elder families and mentors who ever help us a lot.

Gift guide for Father’s Day: Fine wine and tea, nutrition and health care products, massage chairs, pillows, potted flowers

June 22, Dragon Boat Festival

Dragon Boat Festival commemorates Qu Yuan, the patriotic poet who proved his will by committing suicide in the river. People threw Zongzi into the river to protect his body from being eaten by river fish which evolves into the tradition of eating Zongzi at Dragon Boat Festival. People pray for health, hang calamus and mugwart and make scented sachets to cast away evil. Dragon boat races are held before and after the festival in Stanley and many districts in Hong Kong. The gongs and drums play loudly and people acclaim excitedly. Many citizens watch the thrilling races by the banks and pray for safety amidst the good vibe.

Gift guide for Dragon Boat Festival:Traditional Zongzi with meat stuffing, modern Zongzi, fruit basket, health tonic, realgar wine

Dragon Boat Festival Fruit Basket


July 30, International Day of Friendship

The International Day of Friendship is an initiative of peaceful culture proposed by the UN, which aims to enhance cultural exchanges and solidarity and reduce violence. The world culture blends in Hong Kong, constantly enriching our international friend group and bringing diverse tradition and culture.  Let’s take your foreign friends to a party and have fun on the International Day of Friendship. Of course, you may want to send gifts to your foreign classmates and colleagues as hospitable gesture. Help them create unforgettable memory in HK by introducing the local culture and sharing local food and fun resorts locations with them.

Gift guide for International Day of Friendship:Peninsula Dragon Beard candy and cookies, orchid,  fresh fruit basket with native fruit such as Dragon Ball fruit and starfruit, HK traditional soup with abalone and chicken, sweet soup made of the swallow's nest.


August 22, Qixi Chinese Valentine's Day

Qixi is the Chinese Valentine's Day. According to the legend, the fairy Weaver and the mortal Cowherd get to meet on the bridge of birds across the Milky Way every year on Qixi. Nowadays, Qixi is regarded as a symbol of faithful and forever love. Couples who live in different cities send gifts to each other on Qixi and express their love and missing. Young men and women write their wishes on a note paper to pray for meeting someone special. Husbands and boyfriends usually take note of the date and arrange for celebration in advance so as to make the wives and girlfriends happy. Traditional food of Qixi Chinese Valentine’s Day is called food of lucky charm, including cantaloupe and fruit, crispy candies, dumplings and water chestnut.

Gifts guide for Qixi Chinese Valentine's Day: Preserved flower bouquet, ceramic boutique, skin care product, handbag, smart audio and mobile phone, hand-made scarf


September 10,Teacher’s Day

On Teachers' Day, students present gifts and express their thanks as well as best wishes to their teachers. Since teachers obey strict rules and are under supervision on receiving gifts, it’s more suitable for students to prepare a gift card or practical and smaller gifts such as dolls and daily necessities. If you haven't visited your teachers for a long time due to busy work, you can send them gifts of concern on Teacher’s Day. Teacher’s Day is a great opportunity to invite your teacher and classmates to dinner and recall your wonderful school time.

Gift guide for Teacher’s Day: Gift card, flower basket, pen, thermos cup, potted plants, cakes and donuts

September 29, Mid-Autumn Festival

Mid-Autumn Festival is one of the most important festivals in Hong Kong when the whole family reunites under the full moon. Abundant delicious and festive food are served, such as meat feast, taro, persimmon, grapefruits and salty /sweet moon cakes.People enjoy nice food while appreciating the autumn comfort. Children light lanterns and play with candles in the streets after dinner. Mid-Autumn Festival celebration is held through every district in HK. The various activities of riddle guessing, carnivals, and performance and lanterns hung all over fill the street with happiness and joy.

Gift guide for Mid Autumn gifts Festival: Japanese strawberry in season, Custard lava moon cake, exquisite beverage and wine, dried mushroom gift box, ginseng tea

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