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The Best Edible Flowers to Add to your Next Meal

The Best Edible Flowers to Add to your Next Meal

posted: 2019-08-12 11:30:00 +0800

I bet you’ve never thought about adding some Flowers to your dinner but there are a few scrumptious varieties that pair nicely with different types of dishes. Eating flowers or using them as flavour enhancers has been prominent practice throughout history and has seen a recently revival in contemporary cooking. Many flowers have unique tastes as well as health benefits when consumed while also making any dish more aesthetically pleasing and appetizing.

The trick to cooking with flowers is to know what you’re working with as not all of them are edible (some are even poisonous) and to find blooms that have not been treated with pesticides. So what kinds of flowers can we eat? And how do they taste? Here’s a list of some of the best Edible flowers to add to your next meal.


Roses have long been used in food as well as for medicinal and cosmetic purposes. Roses are the most commonly used flower in food. The rosehips, the fruit of the plant, are often made into sweet jams and syrups, while dried petals or blooms make popular teas, beverages, and dessert delicacies like ice cream.


The purple lavender Icecream

Lavender is similar to rosemary and thyme in that the dried buds can be used to flavor dishes and beverages. The drier the bud the more potent its flavour so use it sparingly. Lavender works well in desserts, teas, and cocktails. Lavender is also known for assisting with sleep issues and relaxation.



Image by Ilona Frey from Pixabay

Marigold, or calendula, is often referred to as the poor man’s saffron as it tastes remarkably similar to saffron when sautéed with olive oil. This flower also adds great flavour to soups and eggs. Outside of its culinary uses, calendula is known to help lessen inflammation, assist in healing wounds and other skin ailments.



Image by shinybutton from Pixabay

Hibiscus is a very colourful flower that has a cranberry-like flavour. It’s rich and bright colours make for great additions to cocktails and summer drinks and its dried petals also make for a delightful tea.



Image by silviarita from Pixabay

Nasturtiums are a vibrant flower with peppery taste like a watercress. They add colour to any dish and their flavor works well in savory or Asian styled dishes like a rice paper roll.



Image by T Caesar from Pixabay

Pansies have a grassy/minty flavour that make them great accompaniments to salads, cheese dishes or desserts. Their great colour makes any dish look more exquisite and appetizing .


A bouquet of colourful Gerber daisies.

You likely already consume this flower in its popular tea form. Chamomile, like a dandelion, comes from same flora family as the daisy. Chamomile has been known for to help with relaxation and in the reduction of anxiety.


Pink peonies.

Peonies have long be used in Chinese culture for a variety of purposes. The leaves of a peony can be used in tea, to spruce up a salad, or lightly cooked and sweetened.

For some additional tips on edible flowers, be sure to select fresh flowers and not ones that are worn or faded. After selection, wash them in cold water and leave them to air dry. If you don’t use the flowers right away they can also be stored for up to a week in the fridge in an air tight container lined with a damp paper towel.

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