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Business Etiquette Brought to Your Attention  Upon Sending Business Christmas Gifts

Business Etiquette Brought to Your Attention Upon Sending Business Christmas Gifts

posted: 2023-12-04 11:00:00 +0800

Christmas is coming in three weeks. Christmas may be the most exciting festival through the the year. The gift exchange activities and celebration inspires holiday spirit. As for businesses, sending Christmas gifts is considered an important employee benefit, as well as a business social interaction to thank clients and connect with business partners. We invite the Give Gift Boutique senior gift advisor to share some business etiquette brought to our attention while preparing Christmas gift for business and colleagues, helping to make our Christmas gift more delightful and appropriate.


Follow the Company Custom Regarding Whether to Send Your Colleague Christmas Gifts

Many companies organize Christmas gift exchange activity for respective departments. If you wonder whether to prepare Christmas gifts for your colleagues, you should ask a senior colleague about the company's annual arrangements and follow the custom. Its suggested to prepare non-luxurious gifts, even if you are generous to share. The circumstance will cause unnecessary awkwardness when your gifts outvalue what others prepare for you so much. You can choose gift sets of cookies, chocolate wine, winter skincare, or fruits. These daily-use category are approachable and wont put pressure on the recipients, serving as great gifts for colleagues and superiors to convey your sincere holiday regards.




Express Thank-You Properly and Give Christmas Gifts for Exchange 

The tradition of Christmas is to exchange gifts and share happiness. If a colleague surprises you with a Christmas present, be sure to accept the kindness, thank them sincerely and give them Christmas gifts for exchange. Present giver expect recipients to enjoy the gifts more than anything else, so your will reply a warm and sincere thank you, praise for the gift instead of simply being polite by sayingyou dont have to do that, that would make the present giver happy. To cope with the holiday surprise, its a good idea to keep several Christmas gift sets in hand. Gift such as coffee and tea gift set, preserved flower decoration for Christmas, and maybe indoor fragrance, you can either send as a gift or use by yourself. If you still prefer abundant gift combination featuring holiday element with tight time given, you could always shop with Give Gift Boutique and get a nice Christmas gift hamper. Earliest delivery can happen on the same order day, we are open at holidays. You can gracefully tackle Christmas surprise ambush anytime.


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Heartfelt and Considerate Gift Selection

Considering the sensitive situation of sending gifts at workplace, most people take it seriously and make careful choices, much less to mention that business gifts for employees, clients and business partners also represent the company's image and taste. HR , the temporary santa, pays absolute attention to preparing business for Christmas. The good attitude is important for no doubt, we believe that making considerate & heartfelt gifts should include great category selection and thorough marketing research. On the one hand, select novel and special gifts that interest the recipients. On the other hand, do market research and compare, find the ones in the category with premium quality and distinctive festive feature to create a surprising experience. Gourmet hampers are one of the most popular Christmas gifts. They are practical and approachable, the rich gift combinations and colorful packaging builds festive atmosphere. Actually, simple gift as cookies have different ingredients, textures and packaging. You collect product information in the market, test and compare, select, then you pair item and display them nicely. Your action to pursue for good quality and surprise will turn into the sincere impression of recipients. Upon selecting business gifts for Christmas, HR needs to consider gift differentiation and budget range, arrange purchase and packaging, as well as delivery. In this case, cooperating with an experienced gift company who has mature operation system& structure, professional skills to handle business gift and complete service from item selection to delivery can indeed save much time and labour.



Exquisite Packaging Adds Value to Business Gifts for Christmas

Nowadays, Consumers are more willing to pay for packaging. You may have noticed most well-known Japanese products have distinctive and clever packaging. Packaging is not only the protection of a gift, but also the first impression. The psychological theory Halo Effect indicates that consumers shift their impression of product appearance and packaging to the quality of the product. Therefore, buyers tend to believe that products with good packaging and beautiful appearance are of higher quality. Similarly, the design, color matching, and display of Christmas gifts reflect the style and quality and it is important to customize specialized gift baskets, boxes, trays, packaging paper, films, ribbons, and Christmas decorations. Company trademark imprint on durable corporate Christmas gifts such as wine, tea, indoor fragrance leaves a lasting impression, so does company tailor-made packaging, gift boxes, seals, etc,. 


Send Thank-you Christmas Gifts to Supportive Colleagues and Companies, Avoid Interrupting the Gift-Giving Custom

Christmas is such a joyful festival with a tradition of giving gifts. It is an appropriate time to thank supportive colleagues and companies and to maintain important and potential client. Your clients will receive many business gifts, where outstanding gifts draws attention and not sending gift could imply lack of sincerity. Especially for long-term clients who have participated in the gift receiving tradition, a sudden interruption may lead to speculation about the company's financial conditions and business plan.


Gift Cards Make Christmas Presents So Warm

A gift card complete the Christmas gift with a warm touch, which may include thoughtful greetings and blessings, as well as the expectations of the giver when he was selecting gifts. Gift cards subtly marks the sender and many of our customers attached their name card for easy contact. Write the content by hand on gift cards will present sincerity and impress the recipients.


Arrange and Send Christmas Gifts Earlier Rather Than Late

According to the Christmas tradition, from Christmas Eve to the day of Christmas is appropriate to send a gift. Given the vacation that starts before Christmas, you need to send out Christmas gifts earlier so that recipients can enjoy the gifts at the festival. If the recipient will not collect the gift soon, consider gifts that do not require a refrigerator. If the recipient agrees, you can also send gift to their residence at Christmas Eve or on Christmas. A gift company can help deliver the goods properly to residence at designated date, which would not take up your own holiday or disturb the recipient's vacation, lets call it killing two birds with one stone.


Choosing right business gifts for Christmas inflict much exhaustion on you, lets shop with Give Gift Boutique and solve the problem at this one and only stop. Our global buyers continue search for the latest delicacy, trendy brands, and dessert with Christmas limited packaging. Through meticulous research, careful screening and clever matching, we offer a variety of Christmas gift hampers in various business packaging styles. Our dedicated gift service provides you with a relaxed and convenient gift giving experience. The Christmas hamper catalogue is updating with non-stop surprise.

This is a Hong Kong GGB original 'Business Etiquette Brought to Your Attention Upon Sending Business Christmas Gifts' blogpost.
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