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How to Choose the Appropriate Christmas Gift for Clients and Employees?

How to Choose the Appropriate Christmas Gift for Clients and Employees?

posted: 2022-12-12 22:00:00 +0800

When it comes to the end of a year, HR and admin staff becomes extra occupied. Christmas is in less than two weeks, they are in the middle of planning new and interesting celebrations. The most important tradition of Christmas is giving gifts. HR and Admin staff will send Christmas gifts to clients and every employee on behalf of the corporation. Some corporations send Christmas gifts to clients every year as good social manners. On one hand, holiday excitement is delivered, on the other hand, holidays are great timing to interact with clients. Meanwhile, Christmas gift is considered a bonus by employees. That’s why HR and management highly concern Christmas gifts.

Giving gifts is a big expense especially for large corporations who has so many employees and clients. Explicit Budget is usually set ahead by finance department to avoid over budget expenditure. As the gift budget is different between clients and employees, you have to consider the budget range, recipient’s preference, Christmas ambiance and seize every possibility to make Christmas gift a happy gift when you make decision. GGB will share some experience on the right gift for clients and employees.

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Christmas Gift for Clients: Key to Incur Business

Appropriate Gift Category and Packaging

People are especially cautious to select nice gifts for clients, the flexible budget range allows more gift options. Direct departments should have some background information of the clients, including their gender, age, children, preference and taboos. Talking with direct departments first will save you some time. In addition, a nice packaging can bring the gift to a higher level. Except for the classic Christmas packaging, business-style Christmas packaging is worth trying. Business-style Christmas packaging will show a more formal look by applying less childlike colors and more fashionable elements. GGB recommends to display the items by ladder structure at an open shelf or basket and finish with transparent wrapping. Showing  nice detail will create classy sense than wrapping with gift box or opaque gift paper. A formal and classy looking gift helps build a professional and conscientious brand image.

Corporation Signature Adds Distinction on Your Christmas Gifts

As we know, corporation gifts serve as a name card, so that adding corporate signature to it allows your client to become familiar with your brand. Company name, trademark, mascot and other signatures can be added on your Christmas gifts by several techniques such as stickers, thermal printing, embossing, embroidery and hot stamping. When the client unpacks the gift and sees the corporation signature, he will relate to your company immediately. Likewise, you can have customized packaging material and make your own iconic style by using upcycled material, patterned gift paper, unique gift basket or shelf design and printed ribbon, letting people recognize your brand at a glance. Some customers attached in the hamper a gift card written by the C.E.O. with colour printed company information. Besides other nice items in the hamper, a customer includes a bottle of wine stamped with the recipient’s name and also their new product. These small details delivers respectfulness.

Always Try Something new

Novelty continuously brings surprise. The same gift every year is not enough to attract much attention. Try to prepare different types of gifts each year and always include new and trendy items in in the Christmas gift. You could also get different gift for different clients.They will be surprised by this subtle arrangement when they meet with other clients.

Arrange an Agreeable Time for Business Meeting

Christmas is the perfect timing to visit important clients and old clients. When the direct person delivers Christmas blessing to the client’s company, he can learn the business situation indirectly and discuss on the marketing strategy with management for the next year. Win-win will be achieved by helping clients promote their business.

Christmas Gift for employee Should be able to Make Them Happy

Practical Christmas Gift is the Good Gift

If the budget for employee gift is tight, practical items will work. Work related items and life necessity, such as relaxing& exercising equipment, tonic, WFM and hygiene priduct, delicacy and wine and other creative daily necessities can increase a little happiness. Once a customer showed the package and bought 20 sets of KF94 face mask from us, he intended to share with his family. The KF94 mask was sent to him earlier on by the company along with other WFM care items and really surprised him with its comfortable wearing experience. Daily necessity and desserts are not fancy, but they are in need and they create good experience. The recipient will feel care and warm from the gift.

Different Gifts Means More Surprise

Different gift for each year and each staff, making Christmas gift so expected. HR and Admin can come up with a theme for playful Christmas gift selections each year. Christmas category may vary by job titles and it’s fun to arrange a Christmas lucky draw too. The Gift exchange activity can extend to each division and continue the holiday excitement.

Festive Packaging Increase Christmas Vibe

People easily judge a thing by its look, in this case outstanding holiday packaging brings unexpected affection for your gift. You can decorate the gifts with reindeer, Santa, snowman, Christmas cane and Christmas ribbon, as well as the red&white or red&green packaging paper for a Christmas. These elements and Christmas limited edition are strong reminder of the joyful and warm Christmas. The employees must be curious about the Christmas gift when they received it.

GGB Christmas Gift Selections

Christmas Food Gift

The royal blue and champagne gold color match gives a retro and classy look, the suitcase gift box is quite eye-catchy. This gift box includes AOC red wine, Michelin-one-star cookie box and several quality food,infused with impressionist style to pamper the exquisite taste. 2022 newly launched series INSPIRIA Xmas Gift Hampers adopts line drawing and geometric pattern to present Christmas in Italian modern style. The business style packaging and gift selections are suitable corporate gifts.