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5 Best Birthday Gifts Hampers for Men

5 Best Birthday Gifts Hampers for Men

by Julie
posted: 2018-10-30 10:30:00 +0800

It’s never been easy to choose a birthday present for men, whether it’s a gift for husband or boyfriend, men’s attitude towards gifts is often rational. They may not reveal too much about what birthday gifts they want in everyday life, but deep down in their hearts, they may be looking forward to the birthday gifts you send. What kind of birthday gift is suitable for men/husband/boyfriend? If you don't know what gift to give, the following birthday gift list of men might give you some gift ideas.

1. Le Creuset Corkscrew Set

The gift set from Le Creuset is a compact gift set consists of:

- Wine Cooler Sleeve

- Corkscrew table model

- Wine Pump

- 3 Stoppers

Practicality plus unique creativity, this gift set is suitable for some men who consider wine their good companion. The Le Creuset bottle opener can be used for both business and leisure wine drinking with high usage rate. The whole gift is practical and decent, and the black theme color presents a simple yet elegant style. Are there any men you know who like wine tasting? If your answer is yes, we believe that this birthday gift can be your first choice.

2. Nespresso U Series Coffee Machine

Coffee is a daily drink of many modern people. Drinking self-grinding coffee is said to be a way to improve the quality of life. The aroma of instant coffee cannot compare with freshly grounded coffee, and if you can make ground coffee as you like with the help of different tools, you are able to enjoy the best taste of the coffee itself. Nespresso U Series Coffee Machine, to virtually any kitchen interior and coffee rituals, with its pure lines. It offers ultra-convenience yet sophisticated technology featuring modular design and fully automated capsule piercing, brewing and ejection by simply and effortlessly closing its slider. On the weekends, brewing a pot of coffee marks the beginning of your relaxed day, so giving or receiving a coffee machine as birthday presents can be quite amazing.

3. Ferrari Combo / Birthday Gift 1

If you think that men don't like receiving flowers, you might be wrong. As a messenger to convey happiness and love, flowers are favored and appreciated by both men and women. Give Gift Boutique specially prepared a unique flower gift combo for men—— Ferrari Combo Birthday Gift. The floral arrangement is decorated with 12 blue roses surrounded by green hydrangea in the elegant and trendy rattan basket; together with the flower basket, this gift combo also include Nici special edition Ferrari horse doll and Godiva Chocoiste chocolate beans/chocolate bricks. Although it is not common for men to receive flower gifts, it can be quite a surprising gift to send with its rare seen flower color and limited-edition gifts.

4. Agnes b leather gift box

This Agnes b leather gift box consist of :

- Moet & Chandon, France, Brut Imperial Champagne Full Bottle 375ml

- Agnès b. CAFE L.P.G Coffee Mug / HK Peninsula Hotel Coffee Mug

- Agnes b / Illy Art Collection premium coffee

- Agnes b poker

- Agnes b mini star cushion

- Agnes b man-made leather gift box

In addition to the well-known catering and fashion industry, Agnes b. also involves in the field of art, aiming to produce artistic gadgets that make everyday life more enjoyable. If you want to send a birthday gift to men, you may consider some seemingly fragmented things like mugs, cushions, and pokers, which reflects your care and attention to details. The small bottle of champagne is also a unique and thoughtful birthday gift for men.

5. Calvin Klein wallet set

Calvin Klein's wallet is simple in shape and excellent in workmanship which is one of the best choices as mature men's gifts. Watches, wallets and ties are the three most popular birthday gifts for men, of which the wallet is the most practical and necessary one in our daily lives. It is also the first choice for men's practical birthday gifts.



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