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Floral Arrangement at Home

Floral Arrangement at Home

posted: 2021-10-11 15:00:00 +0800

Don’t go thinking about changing up home decor as something difficult yet. Get rid of the idea that one must get a whole new interior design with a designer to give your room face-lift tiny changes might be all you need. The little magic we are talking about is floral arrangement! Having some floral arrangement at home could be a game-changer, which does not bring along a huge financial burden nor requires a lot of time.

Using Floral Arrangement to Lighten Up the Room

Most of the rooms in the city opt for the plain palate. A plain palate can indeed deliver a modern and clean feeling, yet it could also be icy at the same time. Adding floral arrangements to your home will directly add strokes of colors as well as liveliness to your room. Plus, using different flowers will immediately exude a different atmosphere, which will never bore you for sure!

Elegant Home

For those lovely people who enjoy having people over the festival, an elegant home can always make your family and friends gathering more enjoyable. Choose orchid, the flower which is the synonym for elegant. Orchid of different species have their unique look, and there must be something that makes them a fit for your special room.

Genki. A desktop flower arrangement perfects for being the centerpiece of your room. The piece is made from cut Orchids, hydrangea, roses, Eustoma, together with seasonal garnish such as Copthorne orchids, mini-peonies, Hyacinthus (or other equivalents), backed with linear structures by vines.


On Cloud Nine. With the unique appearance of lilac dendrobium orchid, this arrangement piece is an eye-candy to put in the living room. Arranged with a stem of lilac dendrobium orchid, champaign lisianthus, and matching greens, in a wooden container.

Romantic Home

Regardless of living alone or living with your partner, a romantic atmosphere always makes our day a better one. Looking for a mood changer? We have roses at your service!

Florist Decor RX02. This pink-toned piece exudes a lively romantic atmosphere. The desktop flower decor is made of roses of pink shade on the petal edge, daisies, sylvatica, gypsophila, and matching greens.

Amaryllis Florist vase Decor EA06. If pastel tone is not what you are looking for, this arrangement might be your cup of tea. The flower arrangement is made of pink amaryllis, light pink roses, pink eustoma, champagne eustoma, purple tulip, and matching greens. The addition of purple, as well as a variety of flowers, make this arrangement an elegant lift.

Florist Decor

Fresh and Charming Home

For first-timer to flower arrangement, or those who love a more subtle room with charisma, pick an arrangement that features a plain color palate. Even being subtle, simply adding the flower piece will already create a new focus to your room and change up the atmosphere!

French Florist Decor BT03. This tower stand in a basket is made of white roses, eustoma, white and purple stock flower, hydrangea, alstroemeria, and matching greens. The French atmosphere easily blends into any home, making it simple but with charming details.