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10 tips to help you improve floral arrangement - part II

10 tips to help you improve floral arrangement - part II

by Water
posted: 2017-09-08 13:50:00 +0800

In the previous article, "10 tips to help you improve floral arrangement - part I". Have you learned some skills of flower arrangement? This article will continue to explore 5 other practical tips 10 tips.

1. Cut the stems in the water;

In order to make the flowers look more exquisite (peony and dahlia), it’s better to cut the stems inside the water at an angle. This prevents air from entering the stems of the plants, allowing the flowers to absorb more water, and thus extending their placement time. If you don't have a big flower vase, you could use a larger container instead, but make sure the containers are clean.

2. To make some "Grids" with tape for your flower arrangements;

Many florists will create some grids at the vase mouth when they are arranging the flowers so that there is more space for the floral materials and florists can design the vase flower in various angles. Besides, the flowers can be placed together without being too crowded with the grids separating them. In fact, these "grids" can make your floral artworks more creative, consistent and balanced. Of course, these "grids" are not suitable for all kinds of flower decorations, but we can DIY a simple floral tape "grids" for the chosen ones. How to do so? Just stick the tape one by one in the vase mouth horizontally and vertically. In this way, you can use the vase with "grids" to make your flowers look even more beautiful. This method is especially suitable for low flower vases or small containers.

3. Don't keep the leaves and stalks under the water;

When you arrange the flowers, be sure to clear up the leaves and stalks below the water. Although many florists know this information, it is still a very useful technique to learn. When there are unnecessary leaves left under the water, the flowers will easily wither and the colors fade away.

4. Remove the stamens of the lily;

What is stamen? The stamens are the pollen-producing reproductive organ in the middle of the lily. When the lily is ready to bloom, you can gently remove the stamens and try not to let them touch the petals. In this case, the lily is able to remain its beauty for a longer time.

5. Flower arrangement experience

Nowadays, the natural and organic floral design style is very popular; so we encourage you to try to forget your own floral arrangement experience and create something new, that is, to use different herbs, branches, stems and suitable flowers to design your own unique style.






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