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DIY Foldout Photo Frame with Preserved Flower |10 minutes, ultra-simple preserved flower photo frame making tutorial | video

DIY Foldout Photo Frame with Preserved Flower |10 minutes, ultra-simple preserved flower photo frame making tutorial | video

by Julie
posted: 2018-08-22 09:50:00 +0800

Preserved flowers are known as "eternal flowers" or "flowers that never wither". In recent years, preserved flowers have become more and more popular in the flower gift market. Some people like to buy preserved flower gifts for girlfriends, mothers, and other friends. It takes special skills and techniques to make a preserved flower with the color, texture and shape similar to the original fresh flower. As a result, most preserved flower gifts are very expensive. As we can see, a lot of preserved flower gifts are sold in a delicate gift box. But to be honest, it is quite easy to make a beautiful preserved flower gift box if you have all the raw floral materials. In order to show our readers how to make a preserved flower gift on your own, Give Gift Boutique florist will share a simple tutorial of how to make a foldout photo frame with preserved flower for you. PS: with video.

Preparation of materials for making foldout photo frame with the preserved flower:

Flower materials:

Gradient Austin Rose

Pink Small Rose

White Jasmine

Gradient Hydrangea


Industrial Glue Sticks


Iron wire

Photo frame

Time: about 10mins (production lead time varies)


Step1: Open up the photo frame and take out the bottom plate.

Step 2: Determine the position of the main flowers, preheat the industrial glue sticks for 2-3 seconds. (It’s best to place a piece of paper under the hot glue sticks to prevent any damage to the desk.)

Step 3: Check the stem of the preserved flower. If the preserved flower stem is too long, you need to cut it off to fit in the gift box. Then carefully apply the hot glue to the end of the preserved flowers, and stick the flowers to the bottom plate of the frame.

Step 4: Fix the main flowers in the bottom plate and add the finish touch to the flower box. One way is to cut the big hydrangea with scissors and carefully add the pieces to the bottom plate; the same process applies to the other floral materials as finishing touch.

Step 5: At this point, the preserved flower photo frame is half done. The final step is to check if the main flowers and accessories are firmly stick on the paper plate, if so, close the back cover of the photo frame and your preserved flower photo frame gift is completed!

Storage and preservation method:

The duration time of preserved flowers depends on various conditions. Under the proper preservation environment, the preserved flowers can last up to 2-3 years and remain pretty. The preserved flowers need to be stored in cool and dry environment and avoid any wet places. If the preserved flowers are kept in a sealed box, the preserved flower gift can remain its beauty for a longer time.

We hope this preserved flower photo frame tutorial video can help those who like to DIY their own preserved flower gift box and enjoy the DIY experience; for those who don’t have time to DIY, they can buy the preserved flower gifts directly from HK Give Gift Boutique Flower Shop- Foldout Photo Frame with Preserved Flower M40. Whether you make it yourself or buy it online, the preserved flower gift is always a gift with a lot of consideration and sincerity and can touch people’s heart greatly.

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