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Five reasons why the Japanese fruit is so expensive

Five reasons why the Japanese fruit is so expensive

by Julie
posted: 2018-07-24 09:30:00 +0800

Hong Kong people like to buy Japanese imported fruits. Japanese fruits are recognized as delicious by the public, but it also recognized as expensive. For example, a Japanese greenhouse melon generally sells around 400 Hong Kong dollars, and a box of 6 packs of top Japanese peaches sells close to 900 Hong Kong dollars. This is the general market price. The best of Japanese fruit can be sold by auction. It’s so unbelievable. Why are Japanese fruits so expensive? And the Hong Kong people are still pursuing Japanese fruit so much. Give Gift Boutique had listed the five reasons why Japanese fruit is expensive and comprehensively analyzes the mystery of why the price of Japanese fruit is so high.

No. 1: Japan's geographical conditions are one of the important reasons causes the high price of Japanese fruit.

The country area of Japan is a small, and the available land relatively less, it means that the output is less as well. When a thing is rare, it becomes precious. Moreover, Japan's overall climate is not very conducive to the development of planting. Most of Japan's fruits are grown in greenhouses. The cost of growing is high, and the price of fruits are also high.

No. 2: the government's policy support for Japanese fruit production and the development of new technologies.

The Japanese government supports the development of agriculture and has invested a large amount of money in the research and development and popularization of biotechnology. Although Japan is small country, it has more than 600 agricultural trials. Combine with the local agricultural planting characteristics, it develops new varieties or improved fruits that are most suitable for local cultivation. The new fruits are sweeter and more delicious. For example, the black skin watermelon of Hokkaido was sold at a high price of about 47,000 Hong Kong dollars.

No. 3: the Japanese Agricultural Association has a huge impact on caused the high price of Japanese fruit.

The full name of the Japan Agricultural Association is Japan Agricultural Co-operatives, it is one of the most successful agricultural cooperatives in Asia. The population in agriculture in Japan accounts for about 7% of the total population, the number is not large, but they are highly organized. If the farmer had encountered any unfair treatment, the Japan Agricultural Co-operatives will unite and fight together. However, the influence of the Japan Agricultural Co-operatives is huge. The government not only doesn't dare to ignore the opinions of the farmers but also guarantee their interests to be maximized. So even if the price of Japanese fruit on the market is very expensive, the official will not interfere too much.

No. 4: These fruits have an artistically beautiful packaging.

The number of Japanese fruits sells is generally one or a box, which is because the price of one fruit is quite expensive. The Japanese fruit is a luxury boutique style. Each one or a box of fruit is carefully packaged by the fruit farmers, you the feel the expensive feeling when you look at it. Moreover, some fruit shops' decoration in Japan are very stylish, and they are combined with desserts to create delicious desserts based on fruits, which attract more people's attention. When eating fruit becomes a pleasure, the price is higher and it becomes more acceptable.

No. 5: Simple, Japanese fruits have good looking and taste both good and sweet.

If you have tried high-quality Japanese fruit, it is possible that you might feel mediocre while eating other fruits in the future. High-quality fruit is expensive has its own reasons. Give Gift Boutique highly recommended some Japanese fruits with the good taste: Japanese musk melon; Japanese Peach; Japanese Round Kumquat; Japanese Strawberry; Japanese Aomori Apple; etc.

During the hot summer, give your taste buds a luxury enjoyment, go buy Japanese fruits!

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