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All about Christmas Wreaths | Mistletoe

All about Christmas Wreaths | Mistletoe

by Julie
posted: 2018-12-05 11:10:00 +0800

In Western Christmas customs, mistletoe is an essential holiday element, and many families hang a bunch of Christmas wreaths made of mistletoe and other materials on the interior door frame or ceiling. In addition to its romantic and beautiful meaning, mistletoe is also a mysterious and holy plant.

What is a Christmas Mistletoe?

Mistletoe is a semi-parasitic plant that needs to be parasitic on the surface of large trees to sustain life by absorbing nutrients from trees. In the winter season of the tree depression, in addition to some evergreen trees, there will be a group of verdant green [small leaves] on some bare trees, these are mistletoe. Looking at it may give you a fake early spring illusion, but in fact, winter is the peak season for the growth of mistletoe.

The Mythological Color of Mistletoe

In some western countries, mistletoe is known as "The golden branch of life". Ancient Greek and Roman mythology believed that the Roman ancestor Aeneas after establishing the city of Rome, asked Apollo's female prophet, Deiphone, to lead him into the underworld to see his father again. The Prophet told it that it must pick the golden branches and dedicate them to Proserpina to reach the underworld; with the help of the mother and the two pigeons sent by Aphrodite, Aeneas was able to get the golden branch. And this so-called golden branch is actually the branches of mistletoe.

In Norse mythology, the god of light, Baldr, dreams that he will die in the near future. His mother, the god of love, Freya, in order to save his son’s life, asked the world to swear not to hurt Baldr, but when she sees tiny mistletoe. At that time, she thought it was too weak to hurt people, so she did not ask it to swear. In a fencing competition, Bader was killed by the tiny mistletoe piercing his chest. At the end of another version, through the efforts of Freya and all creatures, Baldr was resurrected, and his mother also put down hatred and promised to give a kiss to all those standing under the mistletoe, giving mistletoe love, peace and forgiveness, which also fitted the essence of the spirit of Christmas.

Kiss Me Under the Mistletoe

In the traditional Christmas customs of Westerners, if a boy and a girl meet under the hanging mistletoe wreath, then the boy can ask for a kiss from the girl, and the boy also needs immediately pick up small red berries from the mistletoe. When all the berries were picked, the privilege of kissing granted by mistletoe disappeared. But if it's a couple, then the kiss has a better meaning, that is, they can live together for the rest of their lives. But after a hundred years of evolution, the custom of [picking red berries] has gradually disappeared, and the romantic habit of kissing still remains to this day.

Mistletoe - Christmas Wreaths

Every Christmas, we can always see all kinds of Christmas decorations. In addition to the tall and striking Christmas tree, the Christmas wreath hanging at the door is also an essential Christmas element. Christmas wreaths are generally made up of twigs of mistletoe and evergreen conifers, plus a combination of pine nuts, cotton, ribbons, trinkets, etc. In recent years, European-style Christmas wreaths with preserved roses and dried fruits are also popular. The Christmas wreath added with mistletoe has been given a romantic meaning. Come to the Give Gift Boutique Flower Shop to order a Christmas mistletoe wreath and kiss your beloved under the romantic mistletoe!