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How to Choose Flower Arrangement to Match Different Occasions and Build the Environmental Vibe?

How to Choose Flower Arrangement to Match Different Occasions and Build the Environmental Vibe?

posted: 2024-03-08 14:40:00 +0800

Flowers plays a role on different occasion of our daily life. They are always placed at entrances, hallways and on tables, attracting people's attention. As a visual art, flower arrangements can help build a certain environmental vibe and release psychological influence, with effect of rendering the emotions at the venue. So that people spontaneously empathize with the relaxed, festive, or solemn environmental themes and take corresponding actions. In this article, we will explore how to choose flower decorations to match different occasions and create the expected environmental vibe.

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Key Visual Elements of Building Environmental Vibe with Flower Arrangements


The complexity and variability of colors makes it the most active elements among other visual information. The changes in brightness and saturation enable even a single color to appear different, and through the fusion, combination, and gradually changing of different colors, colorful visual effect is displayed. Scientists have found that color can affect our brainwaves which respond to warm colors with enthusiasm and happiness, while to cool colors with sadness. Colors can affect the visual space, bright colors make the space appear larger, while cool and dark colors compress the space. Specific color and flower kind combinations can help create emotional and spatial effects. Flowers with bright colors such as Gerbera, Roses, Tulips, Horseshoe Lilies and Poppies encourage spirit. Flowers with lighter and easy colors such as Hydrangeas, Lilies, Daisies, Starflowers, Jasmine and Musk Flower give sense of tranquility and calming. Light yellow Chrysanthemums, white Musk flowers and pure white Phalaenopsis, grass green Anthurium, and green Platycodon are often used to express grief and condolence.



Life experience affects visual stimulation by different shapes. Shape may not necessarily cause obvious likes or dislikes, but it makes us instinctively feel harmonious or disharmonious. Round shape make us feel united, plumpness, and nourishment; squares give us faith and make us feel serious and authoritative. Rectangles make us feel symmetrical, balanced and sense of order, while triangles make us feel oriented, distant and conflicts. Long lines show a straight and slender appearance and curves represents freedom and random. The shape and state of the corolla conveys different impression and messages. Peony symbolizes happiness and wealth, Sunflowers represent optimism, Gardenias represent satisfaction, Roses represent enthusiasm, Azaleas symbolize guardian, violets symbolize waiting, Camellia shows compromise, Birds of paradise symbolizes promising future and red Anthurium adds to the auspicious atmosphere. Vases and pots of different shapes and sizes also contribute to different feelings, high and slender glass bottles are symbol of elegance and confidence, while small chubby glass bottles feels relaxed and cozy. Square pots feels classic and vintage. And the giant citrus pots of CNY at shopping center and hotel lobby sends messages of prosperity and wealth.


Lines and Posture

when we take a close look at the beautiful wild flower bushes, they are neither chaotic cluster nor dully arranged in order. They are rather natural integration of matching flower kinds and lining leaves in abundant shape and size, completed with the beauty of different height and curves, as well as space created by interweaving branches and leaves and the rhythm brought by vivid free lines. In a flower arrangement, florists match different flower kind and side leaves by shape, color and length, and display them nicely to create space and present a consolidated overall style. Various matching leaves are used to create free lines and sense of air. Florist pump vitality to floral art with clever arrangement.



Past experience forms peoples judgment toward different texture, allowing us to accurately anticipate the other four senses and using effect by merely seeing it. For instance, from the shape of the corolla, we can roughly calculate the blooming time. From the elasticity and gloss of the petal and the plumpness of the petal tips, we know if the flower is well-hydrated. The yellowish and dark spot and patch and the slimy stem tells us whether the flower is fresh and how long it will last in the vase. Whether you choose flower arrangement for indoor decoration or as a gift, fresh flower not only reflect the meticulous attitude and great choice but it also shows heartfelt sincerity.


Floral Arrangement Option for Different Occasions

Romantic Floral Arrangement for Wedding Banquet Round Table and Long Table

Floral arrangement on table can unite and emphasize the style of the wedding venue and have every guest immersed in the the romantic and warm event, improving the attending experience of families and friends. The wedding tables are prepared for dishes and souvenirs, so that delicate and small glass vase flowers and potted flowers are commonly placed in the center of the table. Both square or round vase fit round table, while long and rectangle flower pots are used to decorate on long tables, allowing every guest to enjoy dinning amid beautiful flowers. Sometimes people make flower arrangement belt that connects both ends of the long table as well.  Regarding color options, you could choose champagne Roses, white Hydrangea, light pink carnations, light yellow Daisies and Orchids to create wedding sweetness and warmth. The noble Peonies and luxurious Hippeastrum striatums can amply the elegance and auspiciousness of Chinese wedding. The blue & purple Delphinium and pink-tone Hydrangea glosses with dreamy and magical sense. Poppies have bright and beautiful appearance, they are suitable for decorating a British rural style outdoor wedding.



Flower Decoration For the Hotel Reception and Lobby

Guest at the hotel lobby or reception probably are waiting for people, seek consultation, service, or need to complain. The waiting inevitably make them bored.  Flower decoration in the The hotel lobby and reception center have always been fresh and include some rare and eye-catching flower kind, bringing in vitality and sense of nature to the room. These flower decorations not only complete style of hotels and lobby and create a comfortable and relaxing environment, but they also serve as an interesting distraction for the guests awaiting. Glass vase of flowers on the reception desk is great choices, the crossing green branches and clear water seen through a transparent glass vase give peace of mind. Flowers with light and elegant colors are preferable, you could pair some medium sized flowers such as Platycodon, small Roses, Forget-me-not, small Peonies, Carnations, etc. As you could see in the below bottle flower, the peculiar King protea is included, who presents spectacular blooming.It adds a shining piece amid the flower cluster. In addition, Phalaenopsis, Fortune trees and Salix can create floral works with unique shape and curves, you can also add fun to it with delicate ornaments.



Flower Decoration Celebrating Corporate Events, Opening Ceremonies and Annual Business Conferences

Business gifts and flower baskets are actively sent to events such as corporate events, marketing function and annual business conferences. Branches and subsidiary company, suppliers and partners prepare congratulation flower baskets with a hard-to-miss gift card where obvious congratulation wordings and the sender company name are written on. Sending congratulatory flower basket has been a local tradition in Hong Kong. On one hand, it’s an economic and convenient way to express your congratulations. On the other hand, it is considered a marketing method. That you are doing business with the host company gives you extra credit, and it may attract potential customers. While selecting an opening flower basket for above mentioned events, it is not necessary to choose the most expensive and exclusive style, but at least you could choose an appropriate and decent one made with sufficient blooming fresh flowers. The height at about 160cm-180cm, which is at the same height as a mans shoulder is easy to be noticed. A trapezoidal rack or double-tier rack can hold fuller flowers. Emperor yellow Lilies, red Anthurium, Bird of Paradise, Gerbera, Sunflower, Red Ginger, and Cymbidium Faberi are popular flower kind for an opening flower basket. Their hot red & purple sharp colors along with beautiful and proud appearance indicate prosperous business.



Funeral Mourning Flower Stand

In traditional Chinese culture, green and white signifies decomposition of fallen leaves and roots, which means life deceased and return to the original form. These two colors are bestowed the deepest missing, mourning and condolences of the sender. The pure and serene white Lilies, Orchids, Musk, Chrysanthemums ball, Gerbera, Hydrangeas, and Roses matching with green Anthurium and Carnations symbolizing the nature, they are often used to complement the solemnity of the funeral hall. Colorful flowers are more used at funerals often than people think, including colorful Hydrangea, pink Anthurium, purple Forget-Me-Not, and Roses and Chrysanthemums of different colors. Colorful mourning flower stand are for people who past away at the age of 80 years and above, it celebrates that the deceased enjoyed lots of happy moments in life and spent quality time with the family. Presenting colorful mourning flower stand expresses the deep love and gratitude of loving people. Next of kin should choose funeral flower stand with short rack. The short rack simulates the posture of kneeling down and the flowers sent by next-of-kins will be placed in front of the coffin to bid farewell to the deceased. The coffin cover flower style means the last gift for the deceased from the closest ones, it clings to the coffin and will accompany the deceased to another world.




Building Stylish Cafe and Restaurant with Flower Arrangement

Lying amid the ocean of flowers makes people fantasy and feel unreal. Fresh flower decoration is an important element in consolidating the style of a restaurants and cafe. The center of a dining table, the platform between tables and the display wall are perfect location to place flower decoration. Here are the benefits of using flower decoration in a restaurant or cafe, such as creating matching visual experience for food, creating relaxing atmosphere, bringing internet attention to the flowers of healing colors, creating interior style such as French relaxation, British countryside, American enthusiasm, Chinese classy, or mysterious punk or exotic Gothic style. Coupled with thoughtful service of staff in uniform, restaurants and cafe hope their customers can enjoy the dinning environment, spend more and come again. Placing Cinnabar, red Roses, Tulips, and Peonies gives a noble and elegant feeling, while Daisies, Lavender, Hyacinth, Violet, Jasmine and potted lemon can add to the relaxed atmosphere. Pinecones, Carnations, Christmas Flower, Cotton Flower, and Dog-tail grass make people feel warm. Black Roses, black Iris, Water lilies, and Epiphyllum create sense of mysteriousness.



Flower Arrangement for Counters and Lobby of Banks and Financial Institutions

Flower arrangement and green plants can help build an image of authoritative and professional. While carefully maintained healthy plants can increase customer confidence in investment. Elegant flowers and simple combination are more suitable, such as Phalaenopsis, Cymbidium, pink Roses, Alstroemeria, Lilies, Platycodons, and Fortune trees.


Give Gift Boutique can get you ideal flower arrangement for different occasions. All our floral artwork are made with carefully-selected blooming fresh flowers of the same date as delivery. Trend study inspires our unique floral design, professional florists elaborate every piece of floral artwork with heart, excellent skills and delicate flower kind. We offer to door delivery service to 18 district of Hong Kong for all flower products. Our monthly flower service can facilitate regular replacement of flowers and maintaining the venue environment.

This is a Hong Kong GGB original 'How to Choose Flower Arrangement to Match Different Occasions and Build the Environmental Vibe?' blogpost.
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