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How to order funeral memorial flower basket and wreaths

How to order funeral memorial flower basket and wreaths

posted: 2019-11-25 17:00:00 +0800

How to order funeral flower basket and funeral wreaths? Give Gift Boutique flower shop will give you some tips on how to choose sympathy flowers and funeral flower baskets.

Hong Kong Give Gift Boutique florist has over 15 years of funeral flower experience, and we often receive lots of condolences flower wreath orders. With the increase order of funeral flower baskets, more and more customers want to know how to choose the suitable condolences flower wreaths. Today, GGB Hong Kong flower shop is going to share some information with our blog readers about what to avoid in choosing the right funeral flower arrangements.

What are the differences among funeral flower baskets and funeral wreaths?

Many customers mistakenly thought that funeral memorial wreaths are only for the deceased families, but this is not true. Any funeral flower baskets, or even funeral tall stands, can be sent to the deceased families, their friends, colleagues, business partners as well as politicians and celebrities. The only one difference between two of them is that the frame of wreaths can be used tall or short. In general, short frame of wreaths are used for deceased lineal relatives such as father and mother; but if you send to the deceased collateral relatives or friends, you can choose wreaths with tall frame.

How to choose the sympathy flower colors for the funeral flower basket and wreaths?

There are some specific requirements of the colors of the funeral flower stands. For example, we will hold a “Happy Funeral” for the deceased ones who was over 80 years in age, because this was considered a blessing with natural death and even worth a celebration. According to Chinese culture, we always select the color of happiness such as pink and red. But for the deceased who were under 80 years in age, flowers are often used in white, yellow and green, etc.

How to write a sympathy card?

There are different ways to write sympathy card messages to show your condolence, for instance, there are Chinese and Western funeral wordings, and they can be written according to genders, ages and job titles. For more references of how to write funeral card messages, please visit this website: How to write a sympathy card

For details about how to write different forms of sympathy card messages, you may refer to the Gifting Wikipedia from Give Gift Boutique gift shop.

The price range of funeral wreaths and sympathy flowers.

How much are the funeral flower baskets in general? There are much to learn about sending the suitable sympathy flowers and funeral wreaths to the deceased families, friends, colleagues, business partners as well as politicians and celebrities. For more information about the price of funeral memorial flower basket and funeral wreaths, please read our article “The price range of funeral sympathy flower basket and funeral flower wreaths".

Delivery time and fee

There are two kinds of funeral ceremony, one is evening funeral service and the other is funeral service. The evening funeral service usually starts at 3 pm, the funeral parlor will provide the room they booked to let friends and families of the deceased to hold a memorial service at night, after that, they will hold a funeral service the next morning. Therefore, we usually arrange the funeral flower baskets to deliver during 4-6pm at the funeral service evening. If it’s a funeral ceremony held in the funeral parlor in the morning, the sympathy flower delivery time will be short, often 30 minutes in advance.

About the deliver fee,we offer Free Shipping to the following funeral parlour.

  1. Hong Kong Funeral Home
  2. Kowloon Funeral Parlour
  3. International Funeral Parlour
  4. Universal Funeral Parlour
  5. Diamond Hill Funeral Parlour
  6. Po Fook Memorial Hall
  7. Global Funeral Parlour

Extra delivery fee will be charged if you deliver to other funeral parlour house and churches. Please see the Give Gift Boutique Florist Delivery Fee Schedule for reference.

Visit HK flowers shop-Give Gift Boutique and order funeral flower basket and funeral wreaths. For other enquiry, please kindly email us at or call our hotline +852 27366670, our customer service staffs will help you to find the best solution.

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