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Introduction of Premium South American Roses

Introduction of Premium South American Roses

posted: 2023-02-11 21:00:00 +0800

Ultimate Beauty of South American Roses

Rose, Cupid of Valentine's Day, delivers deep love to couples. South American rose is recognized for its premium quality and the highest price among all varieties of roses. It has a corolla exaggeratedly large, multiple layers of strong petals, glossily bright and saturated color and perfect profile that dims common roses, which mesmerize woman by first sight. Give Gift Boutique brings you South American imported rose bouquets this year. These roses travelled through mountains and oceans to make you a romantic Valentine's Day with charm of lord’s artwork.

The Incomparable Growth Environment of South American Roses

South American roses are mainly planted in Colombia and Ecuador. Both growing region are situated at the equator but they experience alpine climate with an average altitude of over 2400 meters. Through an entire year, cold and heat combines in the rose plantation, with abundant sunshine provided by the even day and night time hours and thin air, accompanied by plenty of dew and rain. In addition, the climate difference throughout the year is very little. The unique growth environment nourishes top quality of South American roses and a longer vase life.

Valentine's Lavender Red rose bouquet florist

Planting of South American Roses

Most plantations of South American roses adopt greenhouse mode and there remains only a few rose gardens. The greenhouses are equipped with the Israeli computer-driven drip irrigation system and implement the standard pest control regulations. A more preferable environment is established to grow roses by adjusting the temperature and humidity in greenhouse and ventilate and keep warmth in different seasons. Besides, the little climate difference of both growing zone and abundant natural sunlight makes rose sowing suitable in all seasons. The growth cycle of roses in high altitude areas is longer than that in low altitude areas, taking approximately 15 weeks. According to the statistics, Colombia produces an average of 104 roses per square meter every year. Information provided by an Ecuadorian farm Bella Rosa shows that in 2015, the average daily output of roses reaches 90,000 and the output usually doubles in busy season.

Harvesting of South American Roses

The trained farm workers track down roses with a blooming tip and cut them by the bottom of the stems. The harvested roses will be sorted by variety, color, corolla size and grade preliminary at the farm and then bunched respectively and transported to the rose workshop. With roses set on the conveyor belt, workers on both sides of the conveyor belt follow the procedure of measurement, trimming, bunching and fungal removal. Finally the processed roses will be packed in a comb-shape protection box as finish product. The roses must be delivered to refrigerated warehouses around the world within 48 hours after harvest.

Valentine's Day Gift box flowers

The Distinction Between South American Rose and Common Rose

The fabulous unreal huge petal is the outstanding feature of South American roses. The corolla size lies between 4-5 inches and each corolla has more than 40 petals, which makes it even 30% bigger than the corolla of Kenya rose. South American rose has puffy corolla shape, more delicate petal silhouette, bright and solid colors, bouncy and strong petal texture compared with common roses. Moreover, The stem of South American rose is longer and stronger than that of other rose varieties. It is straight and upright with fewer thorns grow on the stem and can grow to 5 feet long. Meanwhile, South American rose has an ideal vase life, it can live for 7-14 days in a vase under proper condition, while common cut roses can only live for about 3-5 days.

Why South American Roses Gets Famous Around the World?

South American rose has long enjoyed great reputation at the high-end rose market. It has been the absolute choice of many royal families and rich people in Europe, America, Africa and the Middle East. The frequent appearance and heavily use of South American roses at royal weddings and celebrity weddings, such as Frederick Crown Prince of Denmark, Felipe Crown Prince of Spain and Victoria Crown Princess of Sweden,as well as the many well-known Olympic Game athletes and pop stars, drags much attention to it. The adorable look of South American rose move countless women. It is not so common on HK market, combined by the rareness and high price, making it the perfect gift that man selects to please his loved one on Valentine’s Day. On the other hand, since the industrialization of rose planting in South America in 1990, a complete and mature production mode has established, guaranteeing large supply and stable quality. Attributing to the development of cold chain logistics, South American roses are loaded on refrigerated trucks and transported to the refrigerated airplane whose sole freight is rose.The rose will be distributed to all over the world. The entire transportation will maintain at 2 degrees Celsius and it takes less than 48 hours from the harvest to the destination refrigerated warehouse.