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Popular Fruits for Gift Giving in Hong Kong

Popular Fruits for Gift Giving in Hong Kong

posted: 2019-11-20 14:30:00 +0800

Gift giving with fruit basket in Hong Kong is a long standing tradition and is entwined within Chinese culture. Each fruit has its own symbolism but in general, giving fruit is a simple expression of friendship. Fruit hampers or fruit baskets are used for a variety of different events in Hong Kong and flower shops and gift-giving shops are often swamped with orders for fruit hampers during a variety of holidays especially Chinese New Year. Other events include the Mid-Autumn Festival, the celebration of a 100-day old child, solidifying business relations, a new home or promotion.

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Japanese fruit is particularly popular as it is consider a luxury item and is often expensive and is meant to make a good impression to the receiver. These types of fruit baskets can also be used a form of ‘lai see’ during Chinese New Year.

Here are some of the most popular fruits used for gift giving here in Hong Kong!


Oranges are among the most symbolic fruit that is gifted and is especially important during Chinese New Year. Oranges or mandarins, in Chinese, is a homonym for gold. They symbolism abundance and happiness.

Fruit Basket - Business Fruit Gift Basket (12)  - L11441 Photo


Pomelos are favourite fruit to give during the Mid-Autumn Festival as they symbolism good luck and family unity. Pomelos are a large green/yellow citrus fruit that is common in Asia that somewhat resembles a grapefruit.

Mid-Autumn Gift Hamper - Mid Autumn Fruit Hamper M55 - L3124789 Photo


Grapes make wonderful gifts for new mothers, children’s birthdays, or a 100-day child celebration as this fruit symbolises fertility, abundance, and wealth. Japanese grapes are especially popular and are known for their sweet taste.

Fruit Basket - Business Gift Fruit Leather  (8)  - L11439 Photo


Apples are another extremely common fruit to give as they are deeply rooted in Chinese symbolism. Apples represent peace, good luck, and wealth, making them excellent gifts to give a new business partner or successful business transaction, boss, or employee. Japanese apples, in a wide variety types, are also coveted.

Fruit Basket - Fruits Gift Box Y24 - 0O0808A7 Photo

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Pineapples are an elaborate fruit that add a touch of flair to any fruit basket or hamper. Pineapples symbolise wealth and prosperity and would work well in a hamper to commemorate a new home or promotion.

Fruit Basket - Picnic style Fruit Basket 2 - L91941 Photo


While there are some superstitions about pears in Chinese, as the word pear sounds similar to “depart” or “leave”, the majority of Hong Kongers are not put off by this superstition and they are generally accepted as gifts in fruit basket hampers, especially Japanese pears!

Fruit Basket - Economic Fruit Gift Basket (4)  - L11437 Photo


Peaches are another gift giving favourite. This juicy fruit is indicative of long health and life so they’re great fruits to give on birthdays.

Fruit Basket - Deluxe Japanese Fruit Gift Hamper (A2) - L90056 Photo


The melon is another prominent fruit in Chinese culture. The melon symbolises longevity and is said to ward off evil, making them popular in business and corporate based fruit baskets as well as birthday fruit hampers.

Fruit Basket - Harvest Moon 2 - L16417 Photo

Kirin or Dragon fruit

The dragon fruit and the kirin fruit are new comers to fruit baskets in Hong Kong. The kirin fruit is yellow and the dragon fruit is red and green. Each have white flesh with black seeds insides, though the dragon fruit can also have a bright purple flesh as well, with this type being more expensive. These funky fruits indicate wealth and good luck.

Mid-Autumn Gift Hamper - Mid Autumn Fruit Hamper M44 - L76607770 Photo

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