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Send Swarovski Crystal--Show your love for her

Send Swarovski Crystal--Show your love for her

posted: 2019-07-23 10:00:00 +0800

Here is a true story of our customer: he is one of her best friends, they enjoy the food and travel together all the time. And he has been crushing on her for 6 years but fears to speak his mind for her; he is even scared that she feels stressed when sending a rose bouquet to her directly, and they can’t be friends any more if she rejects him, so he asked us for some suggestions: “Can you introduce a special gift? I want to send a gift to let her know my feelings but won’t cause any embarrassment for both of us.” While you may think that this scene only appears in the TV shows, it is actually a real story happens around us. Fear to express you love? Don’t know how to pick a precious gift to someone special? Don’t worry, Hong Kong Flower Shop Give Gift Boutique has tailor-made a customized Gift trilogy for you, hoping to make it easier for her to understand your thoughts.

As a professional gift-giving company, Hong Kong Florist Give Gift Boutique has plenty of gift ideas regarding various anniversary / marriage proposal bouquets and birthday gifts; in addition to that, we highly recommend the three different Swarovski crystal gifts below for you to send to your most important beloved one.

First: Send the good luck four-leaf crystal

Swarovski Crystal  - Swarovski-Crystal FLOWER DREAMS - FOUR-LEAF CLOVERS - SI0320A1 Photo

This Swarovski 「Flower Dreams collection」Crystal , which is a young people’s favorite, is made of four leaves in green crystal , design depicts a four-leaf clover inside a clear crystal pot. It is a symbol of luck and first gift choice for your favorite person. As a gift to recipients, the Four-Leaf clover crystal will deliver with our Hong Kong give gift florist unique design card to express how fortunate it is to meet the beloved special someone.

Second: Send the HELLO KITTY Traveller Crystal full of childhood memories

Swarovski Crystal  - Swarovski-Crystal HELLO KITTY TRAVELLER - CN0518C8 Photo

This Hello Kitty Traveller is a witness of every trip we make and records every good memory we have. The pink-white kitty holds a purple Swarovski crystal suitcase, indicating that I am ready to travel around the world with you. And are you willing to start our love adventure with me?

Third: send the elegant FORGET-ME-NOT crystal

Swarovski Crystal  - Swarovski-Crystal FLOWER DREAMS - FORGET-ME-NOT  - CN0518A3 Photo

We also recommend this elegant and charming Swarovski forget-me-not crystal for the gift recipients who also like the four-leaf clover crystal and the Hello kitty traveler crystal. The crystal vase with a light blue forget-me-not flower can not only be a birthday gift, but a strong statement to express to someone: Please don’t forget my love for you and our precious memories.

If you meet someone you like, visit Hong Kong Give Gift Flower shop and buy a special gift for the one you love, and send the above three customize gifts to show your love to her.

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