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Sunbeam Theatre | Li Kui Ming's Metaphysical Movie  Lucky Year of Pig  Premiere

Sunbeam Theatre | Li Kui Ming's Metaphysical Movie "Lucky Year of Pig" Premiere

by Julie
posted: 2018-12-12 10:20:00 +0800

The metaphysical archive documentary "Lucky Year of Pig", which was first created by Master Li Kui Ming has been released in the Sunbeam Theatre. Many famous actors who participated in the film also came to the theater to cheer for the film on the day of the premiere and hope for the box office to have a good result. On the day of the premiere, including all the actors and audiences, the number of people watching a single movie had exceeded 1,000, the scene was lively and the audience responded enthusiastically.



It was happy and lively inside the Sunbeam Theater while a small garden of flowers was being built outside; all sorts of celebration flower baskets of various sizes are neatly placed outside the theater, and the congratulatory flower baskets of Give Gift Boutique flower shop are also there. Colorful flowers bring good wishes, and we sincerely hope the "Lucky Year of Pig" movie will smash the box office records.




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