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Commercial & Entertainment Events Boost with Relaxed Distancing Measures, Congratulation Flower Basket/Bouquet Gifting---GGB flower gift shop at your service.

Commercial & Entertainment Events Boost with Relaxed Distancing Measures, Congratulation Flower Basket/Bouquet Gifting---GGB flower gift shop at your service.

posted: 2022-11-05 08:00:00 +0800

Regarding recent relaxation of social distance measures announced by the government, people get so thrilled for scheduling leisure activities and the business owners are excited to hold the opening of their restaurants and companies. The hosts sent out invitation to their clients and family when he settles a good day. You may not overlook the important timetable on the invitation card when preparing gifts of flower basket, fruit basket and bouquet, in case the gift arrives at an inappropriate timing. The perfect arrival time of gifts should be before the commencement of the celebration ceremony while within the business hours.

Reopen Market Encourages Opening Ceremony and Entertaining Activities to be held at the Moment

Maximum number of persons increases to 12 each table and to 240 for banquets in catering premises, which enables dining in a group and grand celebration. More people dine in and banquets increase, bringing more business to the catering premises. With the pandemic under control and distance regulation relaxed, it is indeed a great time for restaurants to hold the opening ceremony this moment. Companies also seized the good opportunity for marketing activities, for instance to announce the start of business, to hold business meeting and product conventions, to invite clients to a banquet and to celebrate their launching on the market. Cooperative companies, institutions and individuals are suggested to present congratulations by sending the celebrative gifts in good business manner.  Recently GGB has received a volume of opening celebration flower basket order increased by 30%  delivered to shopping centers ,office building and hotel conference hall. Besides flower basket ,business fruit hamper and bouquets are suitable  business celebration gifts. These gifts features a certain dimension and bright colors, which brings positive energy and signifies prosperity.   Even if you can not attend the ceremony, you can express your congratulations by wordings on the gift card.

Entertaining Performance and Exhibitions will be Held on Schedule

As the maximum person limit increases in the public entertainment places, various exhibition and performance is ready to meet us on schedule. Artists Ivana Wong. Ekin Cheng, Eason Chan, The Grasshopper band, Tang Siu HauX Pong Nan will bring us wonderful concerts in the upcoming month and a half. All sorts of fabulous concerts, stage performances, exhibitions and carnivals are on the way as well. Here’s a tips on gift preparation. If you intend to send flower basket, fruit hamper and other supporting gifts to your favourite artist, or you need to send business gifts to the organizer on behalf of your company, you shall place an order sooner than later. Based on our past experience, the scene will get super crowded with fans. We normally experience a rapid increase in orders sent to the venues than usual on the event dates, so that orders will be arranged in time sequence. As you manage to deliver your gifts earlier ,you get the good site that can be spotted easily by recipient amid the stack of gifts.

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Popular Exhibition and Performance Venues in Hongkong

Popular Concert Venue

Opening/ Congratulation Flower Basket Recommendations

Reasons for recommendations: Economic budget at $680, yet its size and flower arrangement is quite worthy, making it the No.1 hot-selling opening celebration flower stand. With width 85 cm and Height 190 cm, the top of the flower stand reaches the shoulder of a grown man. Our flourists strictly select the most beautiful big pink lily blossom and settle it in the middle, presenting vigorous first impression. Accompanied with hot-red sunflowers, and saturated purple Thai orchids, the overall color tone builds promising and auspicious ambiance and symbols the good business and wealth.